Date:01.03.2011. Time: 22.00

Do you know what type of food the DICTATORS eat???

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Date:02.03.2011. Time: 22.00

We have received quite huge responds regarding the 01.03.2011 question. Many replied that the DICTATORS suck people's bloods, other stated that the DICTATORS eat animal alive.

SALAD: We believe the DICTATORS eat a wrong food, in a wrong time, in a wrong amount, and they also excersise wrong sport therefore their brain is not functioning properly. That is why they actions are ........

Date:03.03.2011. Time: 22.00

Mrs. Paris (An artist) is preying for all human beings to look after themselves, by eating right food and drink clean water.

Date:04.03.2011. Time: 22.00

This Indian man has 39 wives and 150 children. How does the man feed his family. Did you know he has no job? He lives on INCOME SUPPORT and gets child Benefits

Date:05.03.2011. Time: 22.00

Mrs. Joli visiting Afghanistan

Date:06.03.2011. Time: 22.00

Apple is good for all.

Date:07.03.2011. Time: 22.00

Breast feeding is the best.

Date:08.03.2011. Time: 22.00

Only that much is left for us to see who is telling the truth???? The entire media throughout the world are not telling the truth.

Date:09.03.2011. Time: 22.00

Your body is begging for water. In winter we need more drinking water.

Date:10.03.2011. Time: 22.00

Life is too short, therefore we have to slow down. Take less salt, sugar, and fat, eat more fruits and vegetables

Date:11.03.2011. Time: 22.00

Japan Earthquake 8.9 & TSUNAMI 10 meters high. It happenened at 14.46 pm local time. Many people died. May Almighty help the people of Japan.

We human beings are all living in one ship, if someone is making a hole to the ship and others just watch and do not object to the wrong doing then anything happened to the ship everyone in it will be effected.

For example for many years all the rich nations have been polluting the earth, water, and the air, therefore we get what we sow into the earth.

Please reconsider your actions ........and we may ...and you may .....and they on.....

Date:12.03.2011. Time: 22.00

This man needs to drink more water every day. Because he can bring his eyes out of place about  2o MM.  Please do not try this at home.

Date:13.3.2011. Time: 22.00

Please open the door, it is meeeeee...........I need helppppppp

Date:14.03.2011. Time: 22.00

Unconditional love.

Date:15.03.2011. Time: 22.00

Has she got any money left. The fat cats (Bank Managers) have taken all the money.

Date:16.03.2011. Time: 22.00

Life is too short so be happy even when you are sleeppppppiiiiinnnngggggggg.

Sweet dream

I do not care what you think but I am relaxed and I am a happy person.

Date:17.03.2011. Time: 22.00

This is good for you. Have it raw. Mix it with green vegetable, then there will be no bad smell.

Date:18.03.2011. Time: 22.00

Lemon is also good for us. But it is better if we have it in the early morning. If you have a problem then mix it with honey and water.

Date:19.03.2011. Time: 22.00

The world is too small. Look down when you are travelling by air, so how big are we?????????????????????????? Where will we be going?......What will happen af to us when we gone.....Why we do not do something before it is too late?

Date:20.03.2011. Time: 22.00

involving in any sport it will balance your hormons. When it is balanced then your body function better, then you think bertter, you eat better food, you will be healther person.  

Date:21.03.2011. Time: 22.00


Beginning of Spring is Iranian (Persian) New Year which is called Norouz.

Date:22.03.2011. Time: 22.00

We all were created from the soil. We die one day and become soil again

Date:23.03.2011. Time: 22.00

It is good for us

Date:24.03.2011. Time: 22.00

Vinegar is very good for us. It could be mixed with honey or mixed with garlic. It is total food if you have it with honey.

Date:25.03.2011. Time: 22.00

Make tomato juice by adding vinegar and some black pepper to it. Please do not add any salt.  

Date:26.03.2011. Time: 22.00

It is good for us. Have it in the morning.

Date:27.03.2011. Time: 22.00

It is not good, because it is all fat and .....salt, and body suffers to burn it off.

Date:28.03.2011. Time: 22.00

This is good for you.

Date:29.03.2011. Time: 22.00

Honey is a total food. So have it on its own. Please do not mix it with bread or any other food. It is good if you have it in the early morning.

Date:30.03.2011. Time: 22.00

If one drinks enough water each day then many diseases will be cured. One needs to learn:

1) How much to drink?

2) When to drink?

3) How to drink it?

4) Why to drink?

5) Where to drink?

Date:31.03.2011. Time: 22.00

Freedom for all human beings....