It is very unhealthy to smoke. 95 % of smoked tobacco in form of cigarettes, pipe, cigar or habol babo (Chicha) (Ghalyan) get lung cancer. Some get emphysema disease which is narrowing of the airway. Please use the money spent on cigarettes for fruits and refresh your body and your brain. Smoking is one of the most stupid act which man kind is ever done





Drinking alcohol is also bad for our health. There are many people in our environment which would be as an example for us to know  that drinking Alcohol is not good. Gorge Best (Famous UK. Football player)  is the best example for our generation to know what Alcohol does.


                                      Gorge Best one of the best           Alcohol killed him


Paul Gascoigne one of the best football player. Alcohol destroyed his life.

All the fruits we eat provide our body with Alcohol and we do not need to drink manufactured bad stuffs into our body. One glass of alcohol drain 4 glasses of water from our body. Also drinking Alcohol causes throat and tong cancers and it causes many other mental and physical harm to the body, and destroys family lives. For experiment buy a sheep liver and put it in a bowl with alcohol, next day look at the liver you see what alcohol is doing to your liver.


                                               Alcoholism & family problem


                                      Drug addiction and homelessness and .......

                        Addiction to drugs causes Aids and many other problems.                                                               

Please ban smoking totally in the street of U.K, because children 's life is at risk. They have been suffering from the air pollution as well as soil, water, and food pollutions.

In the U.K people on a night out mixing alcohol and cocaine, this is a possible heart attacks. Cocaine users often drink to prolong the euphoric effects of the drug but are risking serious health issues, experts have warned.

Do you smoke?

Do you drink alcohol?

Do you suffer any illnesses?