It is first of May. 2010

Good News

Blind Boy 'Sees' Using Dolphin-Style Clicks

Jamie Aspland uses echo-location, the same technique dolphins use to navigate through the sea, to build up a mental image of the world around him. He is one of a handful of children to learn the method from Californian Daniel Kish. Daniel, who is himself blind, pioneered the technique and has been touring the world teaching others. Jamie spent three days with him in February and has been practising the method ever since. Taking the first steps was not easy for Jamie's family. "The first time I let go of Jamie's hand was really difficult," said his mum, Debs. "We could see him walking towards a fence and my heart stopped. But literally without using a stick or anything he just knew it was there and walked around it. I was so amazed." His family had to raise £2,500 to pay for the sessions, but say it has been worth every penny. Jamie can now walk downstairs without help and can already distinguish between objects placed in front of him. Eventually he should be able to detect buildings or people 100m away from him. It also means he will not need a guide dog in the future. His mum says within just two months the improvements are enormous. "We always had to hold his hand before, but now he's much more independent," she said. "It's given him a new lease of life and he's definitely much happier too. "I know some people might be sceptical but I say 'Come and take a look at how this has changed our lives'. "Jamie used to have behavioural problems and was very frustrated. "He's now going out and having fun, and we're having normal family days, something we never had before."

Date: 02.05.2010 Time: 22.00

Turkish people were allowed by their government to demonstrate on the first of the May after so many years being banned.


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B.P is responsible for the air, the water, and the soil pollution.

Catastrophe In

Worse still, experts opine that the Herculean efforts by the cleanup crews may not be good enough and that the leaking oil will still make way to the shore. Much more than estimated 5000 barrels leaking a day Ian MacDonald, professor of oceanography at Florida State University, a specialist in estimating ocean oil seeps from satellite imagery, said that the Gulf of Mexico oil spill is leaking at a rate of 25,000 barrels a day. At this rate, which is 5 times more than the government's estimate, the current spill may well surpass the catastrophic spills of Santa Barbara in 1969 and Exxon Valdez spill that occurred in 1989. The resultant damage would, therefore, also be much more than anticipated. The original estimate of 5,000 barrels a day leaking from the BP PLC was given by the BP in co-operation with the U.S. Coast Guard and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration or NOAA. John Amos, a geologist, said that the 5,000 barrels a day was the "extremely low end" of the estimates. John Curry, a spokesman for BP admitted that the 5,000 barrel a day was, at best, a "guestimate." "There's a range of uncertainty, and it's very difficult to accurately gauge how much there is," he added.

Potentially catastrophic

The best and most enduring solution to stem the flow of the oil is to drill a “relief well” into the first well itself and then plug the first with cement. Sources having knowledge of the matter opine that this process may take as much as 90 days. At a rate of 25,000 barrels a day, a mammoth 2.25 million barrels or 94.5 million gallons would have made way into the water by then. "The oil is going to poison everything. I want to do all I can do. I'm going to be in a serious bind if I can't fish," averred James Trabeau, a commercial fisherman." A huge explosion on April 20 in the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig had led to leakage of oil in the area. Eleven people have reportedly died in the unfortunate incident. Due to the slick, there is a looming threat to the wetlands of the Louisiana coast, one of America's richest shrimp, oyster and fish breeding grounds.

Date: 04.05.2010 Time: 22.00

Fears over lack of asthma awareness
Almost nine out of 10 people would not feel comfortable helping a child who was suffering an asthma attack, a poll has suggested. Some 88% would not feel completely confident in knowing what to do, according to the survey of more than 2,200 people to mark World Asthma Day. In March, an inquest into the death of Sam Linton ruled that neglect at Offerton High School in Stockport "significantly contributed" to his death.
Five members of staff were suspended after the 11-year-old was left in a corridor struggling to breathe following an asthma attack. The inquest heard that no member of staff called 999 and he later died. Asthma causes deaths amounting to the equivalent of a large classroom full of children every year, and 1.1 million under-15s suffer from the condition in the UK. A survey among 1,600 teachers across England in February 2009 also found that three-quarters did not feel confident of knowing what to do. Neil Churchill, chief executive of Asthma UK, which released the polls, said: "The complacency that exists about asthma in the UK is shocking and dangerous and cannot continue. "Every member of the public needs to know the signs of worsening asthma and what steps to take if someone suffers an asthma attack. Not acting quickly enough can result in needless deaths that shatter lives. "The NHS also needs to take a zero tolerance approach to asthma deaths - parents who have lost children to asthma have told us they feel that a more proactive approach from health professionals might have made a crucial difference." Asthmatics suffering an attack can often find that their reliever inhaler (usually a blue-coloured one) does not help symptoms. Breathlessness can get worse and be accompanied by coughing, wheezing and a tight chest. Some people become too breathless to speak, eat or sleep. Asthma UK is urging people to request an Asthma Attack Card from the charity which; includes life-saving information.

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She did not smoke or drink alcohol or …She lived 114 years quality life
World's Oldest Person Dies Aged 114 In Japan

Just a week before her 115th birthday, the oldest person in the world has died on the southern Japanese island of Okinawa. Kama Chinen was born on May 10, 1895, living to see three different centuries, according to the Gerontology Research Group. She died on Sunday in a care home, although the details of her death have not been released by her family who have closely guarded her privacy. Okinawa has a reputation for its long-lived residents, put down to the local diet of green tea, miso soup, vegetables, rice and fresh fish. Kama had been the world's oldest person since September 2009, when 115-year-old Gertrude Baines died in Los Angeles. The title of oldest human now passes to 114-year-old Frenchwoman Eugenie Blanchard, who was born in February 1896. Britain's Florence Emily Baldwin from Leeds is now the second oldest person alive - she is also 114. While she ttributes her long life to an egg sandwich every day, experts suspect a life of no drinking, no smoking and hard work has played its part.

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It is election time and selection day. Have you cast your vote yet?

Lack of sleep linked to early death

Sleeping less than six hours a night increases the risk of early death, it has been claimed. Scientists arrived at the result after analysing data from 16 studies involving more than 1.5 million participants. They found "unequivocal evidence" of a direct link between sleeping less than six hours a night and dying prematurely. People who regularly had this little sleep were 12% more likely to die over a period of 25 years or less than those who got the recommended six to eight hours. An association was also seen between sleeping more than nine hours a night and early death. This was thought to be due to long-sleeping being a marker of serious underlying illness rather than any effect of sleep itself. Professor Francesco Cappucio, head of the Sleep, Health and Society Programme at the University of Warwick, said: "Whilst short sleep may represent a cause of ill-health, long sleep is believed to represent more an indicator of ill-health. "Modern society has seen a gradual reduction in the average amount of sleep people take, and this pattern is more common amongst full-time workers, suggesting that it may be due to societal pressures for longer working hours and more shift-work. On the other hand, the deterioration of our health status is often accompanied by an extension of our sleeping time." The research, reported in the journal Sleep, reviewed 16 prospective studies from the UK, US, Europe and Asia which together monitored more than 1.3 people for up to 25 years. In total, more than 100,000 deaths were recorded during the observation periods. Pooling together data in this way, known as meta-analysis, can indicate patterns and trends that may not be obvious in individual studies.

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The Result of the May 2010 erection has been hunged. There will be a solution but one need Clegg's help.

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Mohamed Al Fayed Sells Harrods for £1.5bn
Harrods has been sold by Mohamed Al Fayed for £1.5bn to the Qatari royal family. The Egyptian businessman said in a statement he wished to retire after 25 years in charge of the flagship Knightsbridge department store. But he will stay on as honorary chairman. Report, said the family made an approach for the store several weeks ago but Mr Al Fayed rejected the offer. However, the owner of the Premiership club Fulham FC had reconsidered the approach. Ken Costa, chairman of Lazard International, which advised Mr Al Fayed on the deal, said in a statement: "After 25 years as Chairman of Harrods, Mohamed Al Fayed has decided to retire and to spend more time with his children and grand-children. "In reaching the decision to retire, he wished to ensure that the legacy and traditions that he has built up in Harrods would be continued, and that the team that he has built up would be encouraged to develop the foundations that he has laid." He added: "Qatar Holding will become only the fifth owner of Harrods since its creation, in 1840. Qatar Holding was specifically chosen by the Trust as they had both the vision and financial capacity to support the long term successful growth of Harrods." Ahmad Al Sayed, chief executive and managing director of Qatar Holding, said: "It is a privilege for us to acquire Harrods." Qatar Holding is the investment arm of the Qatar Investment Authority, which trades on behalf of the state. It has a stake in Sainsbury's and previously invested in Barclays Bank before selling its shares last year. The Al Fayed brothers bought a 30% stake in Harrods' owner House of Fraser in 1984 from Tiny Rowland and went on to purchase the remaining shares a year later in a bitter £615m takeover battle. Kleinman said the store, established in 1834 in London's East End, was doing well despite the global recession. "The business has done very well during the downturn - there has been an influx of money from the Middle East. "It attracts customers from across the world and therefore it has managed to stay resilient."

Date: 09.05.2010 Time: 22.00

Kiss woman denounces 'hypocrisy'

A British woman jailed for kissing a man in public in Dubai has spoken of the "hypocrisy" of the Emirate's strict decency laws. Charlotte Adams was arrested with Ayman Najafi last November after a local woman complained they had been seen kissing on the mouth in a restaurant. Ms Adams, an estate agent, and Mr Najafi insisted they had given each other only a peck on the cheek but were sentenced to a month in prison by a Dubai court last month. The 26-year-old, from Mersea Island, Essex, served 23 days and was freed on Friday and deported. Mr Najafi, a management consultant from north London who has lived in Dubai for the past 18 months, is understood to be continuing his fight against the conviction after being backed by his employers. Ms Adams told The Mail on Sunday of her relief at being reunited with her family, including twin brother Christopher and sister Emma, 20. She said: "It is such a relief. I've thought of nothing else for the last few months. I love (Dubai) and it makes me sad that I'll never come back, although I think I'd struggle to ever feel free here again. "The laws need to evolve to match the culture here. At the moment, it's all just hypocrisy." She said hotels in Dubai regularly offer free alcohol, particularly to women, though drinking in public is still officially illegal in the Gulf state: "Everyone gets so drunk they forget where they are, particularly the Westerners, which is when their behaviour can become dangerous legally." The British Embassy issued a formal "don't-do" list on its website, warning against drinking and kissing or holding in hands in public in Dubai. It tells holidaymakers and expats: "If you want to face possible arrest and imprisonment, ignore the advice."

Date: 10.05.2010 Time: 22.00

Warning: More Ash Cloud Chaos Heading To UK

The volcanic ash cloud is causing further travel disruption after more than 700 flights were cancelled across Europe over the weekend. Winds coming from the north are bringing ash with them but the cloud has been pushed towards the Atlantic and now lies to the northwest of the UK. Ash is also blanketing parts of Europe. The result is that no flight restrictions are being enforced in UK airspace - yet some journeys are still affected because of restrictions elsewhere. A small number of Trans-Atlantic flights from Gatwick, and some flights to and from Spain and Portugal, are delayed. All UK airports are open and most of the continental European airports that had been shut over the weekend are operating normally. The cold winds are expected to keep coming from Iceland and the Eyjafjallajokull volcano for the next day or two, bringing the potential for more ash with them. Wind direction is set to change mid-week when gusts are due from the south. Pope Benedict XVI's four-day visit to Lisbon is still on schedule for Tuesday. But it remains unclear at this stage whether the annual Cannes film festival, which opens on Wednesday, will be affected by the flight disruptions. The weekend saw several hundred flights grounded, with airports in Ireland, southern France, Switzerland, Italy and Germany close because of the ash. Flights were grounded from airports across the UK including Belfast, Derry, London Stansted, Bristol, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle.

Date: 11.05.2010 Time: 22.00

Starving yogi' astounds Indian scientists

An 83-year-old Indian holy man who says he has spent seven decades without food or water has astounded a team of military doctors who studied him during a two-week observation period. Prahlad Jani spent a fortnight in a hospital in the western India state of Gujarat under constant surveillance from a team of 30 medics equipped with cameras and closed circuit television. During the period, he neither ate nor drank and did not go to the toilet. "We still do not know how he survives," neurologist Sudhir Shah told reporters after the end of the experiment. "It is still a mystery what kind of phenomenon this is." The long-haired and bearded yogi was sealed in a hospital in the city of Ahmedabad in a study initiated by India's Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), the state defence and military research institute. The DRDO hopes that the findings, set to be released in greater detail in several months, could help soldiers survive without food and drink, assist astronauts or even save the lives of people trapped in natural disasters. "(Jani's) only contact with any kind of fluid was during gargling and bathing periodically during the period," G. Ilavazahagan, director of India's Defence Institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences (DIPAS), said in a statement. Jani has since returned to his village near Ambaji in northern Gujarat where he will resume his routine of yoga and meditation. He says that he was blessed by a goddess at a young age, which gave him special powers. During the 15-day observation, which ended on Thursday, the doctors took scans of Jani's organs, brain, and blood vessels, as well as doing tests on his heart, lungs and memory capacity. "The reports were all in the pre-determined safety range through the observation period," Shah told reporters at a press conference last week. Other results from DNA analysis, molecular biological studies and tests on his hormones, enzymes, energy metabolism and genes will take months to come through. "If Jani does not derive energy from food and water, he must be doing that from energy sources around him, sunlight being one," said Shah. "As medical practitioners we cannot shut our eyes to possibilities, to a source of energy other than calories."

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"105 dead in Tripoli airport."

105 dead in Tripoli airport plane crash: official

A Libyan plane arriving from South Africa crashed on Wednesday at Tripoli airport killing all 105 people on board, a security official told AFP. Among the dead were 94 passengers and 11 crew members, the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity. There was no immediate indication of the cause of the crash, which occurred as the Afriqiyah Airways plane was landing after a flight from Johannesburg at around 6:00 am (04H00 GMT). "All 94 passengers and 11 crew members who were on board were killed," the official said. Afriqiyah Airways said on its website that it operates an Airbus fleet. It started operations with five leased planes and signed a contract with Airbus at an exhibition in Paris in 2007 for the purchase of 11 new planes, the website said. It was founded in April 2001 and at first fully owned by the Libyan state. The company?s capital was later divided into shares to be managed by the Libya-Africa Investment Portfolio. On April 21, the airline announced that flights were back to normal after disruptions due to the volcanic ash cloud from Iceland that grounded flights in Europe last month.

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Is he going to the World Cup?

World Cup 2010 - Ronaldinho among fallen stars
Former World Cup winner Ronaldinho heads a long list of stars who have missed out on selection for the 2010 tournament. The 32 preliminary squads for South Africa provided a host of surprises, with Ronaldinho among several high-profile omissions by Brazilian coach Dunga. His AC Milan team-mate Alexandre Pato, an exciting 20-year-old who is one of Serie A's brightest talents, was also ignored, as was Adriano, a regular in Germany four years ago but deemed too unprofessional by Dunga. Argentina coach Diego Maradona also raised some eyebrows by leaving out Inter Milan pair Esteban Cambiasso and Javier Zanetti, unquestionably two of the best players from this season's Champions League. Holders Italy will be without a number of high-profile flair players. Coach Marcello Lippi's pragmatic squad had no place for 2006 stars Francesco Totti and Alessandro Del Piero, with Antonio Cassano and Fabrizio Miccoli also snubbed. France coach Raymond Domenech is used to courting controversy, having previously left out Robert Pires because of his star sign. This time the tarot cards have told Domenech to leave veteran midfielder Patrick Vieira at home, along with Arsenal's Samir Nasri, former Gunner Mathieu Flamini, Real Madrid's Karim Benzema and Everton striker Louis Saha. Saha's club-mate Mikel Arteta finds himself on the outside looking in thanks to the wealth of midfield talent at Spain's disposal. Ruud van Nistelrooy's run of form for Hamburg came too late to earn the veteran striker a place in Bert van Marwijk's Netherlands squad. Another in-form striker, Germany's Kevin Kuranyi, also failed to land a seat on the plane to South Africa. England coach Fabio Capello might have brought Ledley King and Jamie Carragher back, but there was no place for either Gary Neville or Owen Hargreaves in his 30-man selection. Further afield, USA coach Bob Bradley sprung a couple of surprises by omitting forwards Charlie Davies and Freddy Adu. Cameroon coach Paul Le Guen axed Stephane Mbia and Andre Bikey, while Shinji Kagawa and Cristian Gonzalez were surprisingly left out by Japan and Uruguay respectively.

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HAVE YOU PASSED YOUR ANNUAL MOT??? We care for our cars. Do we care for our body health?????


Not only our car needs MOT, our body each year need MOT, please ask your GP for an MOT test

MOT worker wrecks £200,000 Ferrari

A garage worker wrecked a client's £200,000 Ferrari after he took the supercar for a spin on the road to "put it through its paces" following an MOT. The Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, which has a top speed of 196mph, was being driven by a road tester from a local MOT centre when it smashed into a lamppost and flew over a two-foot wall into the middle of a roundabout. The dark blue vehicle, one of only a handful of models in Britain, was seriously damaged after the crash in New Malden, Surrey, in which the driver, in his early 20s, was unhurt. A source said the car was being given a "quick road test" before being returned to its owner, who is "obviously not happy that their pride and joy has been wrecked". A Ferrari spokesman said the car was not being driven by a member of staff from Ferrari or an official Ferrari dealership, and added the company would help police with any inquiries. Police said the incident was being treated as a "one car accident" and that an investigation was unnecessary. The driver was treated for shock by paramedics at the scene. Gary Adams, who witnessed the incident, said: "He was driving along one minute and the next the car was in the middle of the roundabout. "He looked pretty stressed out when he realised the car was wrecked and kept saying his bosses would kill him." Another eyewitness, who did not want to be named, said: "He just lost control and smashed into a lamppost and then the car mounted the roundabout and ended up in the middle of it. "There were no other cars involved – he just lost it as he went round the roundabout."

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What is Hajamat?

It is a kind of Iranian folk cure: For “Hajamat”, an animal horn, open at both ends, is placed at one end on the back, near the shoulder of the patient and it is sucked at the other end; so that the vacuum created causes swelling on the skin. This act is repeated several times on spots near one another, till a large swelling appears on the skin. Then the swelling is cut at several placed, by a razor, to release the blood collected under the swelling. This treatment is used when, in popular language, one’s blood gets infected.

Best and worst paying college degrees

We look at the value of a university education, tell you which degree is the best value and explain the premium you earn for post-graduate training.  Graduates could be asked to pay back their student loans earlier and at a higher rate of interest, after a group of the UK's leading universities demanded more investment to avert a £1.1bn funding crisis. The Russell Group, which represents the UK's top 20 leading universities, told the Government that the current repayment rate on student loans was "generous" and that "it might be reasonably increased without putting undue pressure on low earners". The review of whether students should pay higher university fees will continue with further evidence expected to be submitted next week. In the light of this, we ask how great is the financial benefit of attending university? Do degrees always pay off in the long run, despite the costs associated with them? And what are the best and worst paid subjects to study? All the comparisons we make in this article are between graduates and those who could have gone to university but didn't (i.e. they had two or more A levels or equivalent qualifications).

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"He saved Farsi language as well as rescued the Iranian culture from all the aggressors"


Ferdowsi is alive and will be for ever

His great epic, the Shāhnāmeh ("The Great Book": in Persian, Shah means king, monarch or dynast, but when it is used as a prefix, it means "Big", "Great" or "Major".), to which he devoted more than 35 years, was originally composed for presentation to the Samanid princes of Khorasan, who were the chief instigators of the revival of Iranian cultural traditions after the Arab conquest of the seventh century.

Ferdowsi's mausoleum

Front facade of the Ferdowsi's mausoleum in Toos (the tomb was made during the reign of Reza Shah Pahlavi by the national heritage association) When he was just 23-years old, he found a “Shāhnāmeh” written by Abu-Mansour Almoammari; it was not, however, in poetic form. It consisted of older versions ordered by Abu-Mansour ibn Abdol-razzagh. The discovery would be a fateful moment in the life of the poet. Ferdowsi started his composition of the Shahnameh in the Samanid era in 977 A.D[1]. During Ferdowsi’s lifetime the Samanid dynasty was conquered by the

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WITH HUMAN RIGHT ISSUES. 31 years ago Iranian leader

promissed that there would be no political prisoner in Iran! 


A Turkish-Brazilian deal to help Iran swap nuclear fuel can be considered a breakthrough it is fundamentally based on a fuel-swap proposal made by the IAEA last year. After talks with Brazil and Turkey, Iran announced on Monday it had struck a deal to exchange 1,200 kg (2,600 lb) of low-enriched uranium for higher-enriched nuclear fuel from abroad, which would be used in a medical research reactor. The fuel swap would take place in Turkey, Iran said. Turkey's foreign minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, said the deal meant there was no longer any justification for further U.N. sanctions against Iran and its nuclear enrichment programme. The deal would only carry weight if it was based on or fundamentally the same as a fuel-swap proposal put forward by the International Atomic Energy Agency seven months ago and which Iran has ignored. "If they (Iran) are accepting what was originally proposed by the IAEA back in October, then fine, some progress might be possible," the diplomat said. "But if this is some new suggestion that goes in a different direction, then it would appear to be stalling. Iran, Brazil and Turkey have provided few details about the deal they have signed apart from to say that the fuel swap could begin within a month, will take place in Turkey and will be under the supervision of the IAEA, a U.N.-backed agency. France, Russia and the United States are the chief providers of that technology. The details of the deal must to be put to the IAEA in writing so that they can be fully assessed, he said, adding that efforts to agree a fourth round of U.N. sanctions on Iran's nuclear programme would continue. Iran says its nuclear programme is solely for civilian and energy purposes, but the United States and other permanent members of the U.N.



Over two million Chinese youths die a year from health issues related to indoor air pollution, a government study says.

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I'm very proud of myself because it was a very tough tournament and a lot of players were here .Miss Aravane Rezai 23 year old Tennis player is Iranian-French citizen and she is the world ranking 16th Tennis player. If Andera Aghasi denied being an Iranian who migrated to USA, Miss Arghavan Rezai is proud to be an Iranian. 


Final design for new London bus is confirmed

London mayor, Boris Johnson, today unveiled the design of the new London bus, based on the old Route master model. The new bus will be powered by eco-friendly hybrid technology. According to Transport for London, it will be 15 percent more fuel efficient than current hybrid buses and 40 percent more efficient than diesel double deckers. Lightweight materials help to keep emissions and fuel consumption down. TFL also reckons that the new model will be much quieter than any existing bus. An open platform, reminiscent of the previous Route master, features on the new design and allows the reinstatement of a hop-on, hop-off service. Boris Johnson, said: "This iconic new part of our transport system is not only beautiful, but also has a green heart beating beneath its stylish, swooshing exterior."

Date: 19.05.2010 Time: 22.00


Doctors Astonished As Girl Grows New Kidneys

A girl has stunned doctors by growing two new kidneys to replace ones that had failed and left her seriously ill. Five-year-old Angel Burton went for surgery after being beset by kidney problems since birth. But surgeons at Sheffield Children's Hospital were astonished to find she had a pair of perfectly-formed organs sitting on top of the old ones. Furthermore, the extra organs had taken over the work of the originals - so instead of suffering kidney failure, she could look forward to a bright, healthy future. Angel's mum, Claire Burton, told the  reporters: "It's a real miracle. We're just so grateful to have Angel back to her happy, healthy self." She said the surgeon told her he was "stunned" regular scanning over a five-year period had failed to pick up on the extra organs. It is thought they were not detected as the new kidneys were sitting just above the originals and tests showed them as one. Angel, from Louth in Lincolnshire, suffers from duplex kidney, a rare condition where the organs are fused together in the middle. They either share or have their own ureters taking urine to the bladder. In an even rarer occurrence, both of the organs were duplex, giving her four kidneys and four ureters. Angel's health deteriorated almost as soon as she was born. After being diagnosed with bilateral reflux - which means urine was leaking into and infecting her kidneys - a scan had revealed the organs had been badly damaged. It was during an operation to create an artificial valve in October 2007 that doctors found the extra kidneys. Angel is now eight and on course to make a full recovery.

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Omar Khayyám born 18 May 1048 AD, Neyshapur, Persia (Iran)—1131 AD, Neyshapur, Persia), was a Persian Muslim polymath, mathematician, philosopher, astronomer, physician, and poet. He also wrote treatises on mechanics, geography, and music.He became established as one of the major mathematicians and astronomers of the medieval period. Recognized as the author of the most important treatise on algebra before modern times as reflected in his Treatise on Demonstration of Problems of Algebra giving a geometric method for solving cubic equations by intersecting a hyperbola with a circle. He also contributed to the calendar reform and may have proposed a heliocentric theory well before Copernicus. His significance as a philosopher and teacher, and his few remaining philosophical works, have not received the same attention as his scientific and poetic writings. Zamakhshari referred to him as “the philosopher of the world”. Many sources have also testified that he taught for decades the philosophy of Ibn Sina in Nishapur where Khayyám lived most of his life, died, and was buried and where his mausoleum remains today a masterpiece of Iranian architecture visited by many people every year. Outside Iran and Persian speaking countries, Khayyám has had impact on literature and societies through translation and works of scholars. The greatest such impact among several others was in English-speaking countries; the English scholar Thomas Hyde (1636–1703) was the first non-Persian to study him. However the most influential of all was Edward FitzGerald (1809–83) who made Khayyám the most famous poet of the East in the West through his celebrated translation and adaptations of Khayyám's rather small number of quatrains (rubaiyaas) in Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám. The other notable translator was the Russian poet Konstantin Balmont.

And, as the Cock crew, those who stood before
  The Tavern shouted - "Open then the Door!
You know how little time we have to stay,
  And once departed, may return no more."

Alike for those who for TO-DAY prepare,
  And that after a TO-MORROW stare,
A Muezzin from the Tower of Darkness cries
  "Fools! your reward is neither Here nor There!"

Why, all the Saints and Sages who discuss'd
  Of the Two Worlds so learnedly, are thrust
Like foolish Prophets forth; their Words to Scorn
  Are scatter'd, and their mouths are stopt with Dust.

Oh, come with old Khayyam, and leave the Wise
  To talk; one thing is certain, that Life flies;
One thing is certain, and the Rest is Lies;
  The Flower that once has blown for ever dies.

Myself when young did eagerly frequent
  Doctor and Saint, and heard great Argument
About it and about: but evermore
  Came out of the same Door as in I went.

With them the Seed of Wisdom did I sow,
  And with my own hand labour'd it to grow:
And this was all the Harvest that I reap'd -
  "I came like Water, and like Wind I go."

Into this Universe, and why not knowing,
  Nor whence, like Water willy-nilly flowing:
And out of it, as Wind along the Waste,
  I know not whither, willy-nilly blowing.

The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,
  Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit
Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,
  Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.

And that inverted Bowl we call The Sky,
  Whereunder crawling coop't we live and die,
Lift not thy hands to It for help - for It
  Rolls impotently on as Thou or I.


Half marathon 'winner' used ringer

The winner of a women's half marathon in Shandong, China has been stripped of her title when she was discovered to have brought in someone else to run for her. Liu Shuling was initially awarded victory in the race at the Yellow River Estuary International Marathon but video footage later revealed her to be Wang Xueqin, the People's Daily newspaper reported. Wang and Liu were both banned from the marathon for two years and will face further punishment from the Chinese Athletics Association. This is not the first case of identity fraud at a Chinese long distance race this year. In January, more than 30 competitors at the Xiamen International Marathon had their results cancelled after they were discovered to have been carrying time-recording microchips for other high school students. Chinese students get extra credits for the highly competitive college entrance exams with good performances at international sporting events.

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May Almighty help the couple to care for these children?

Britain's First Sextuplets Born In 17 Years

A woman from Oxfordshire has given birth to Britain's first sextuplets in 17 years. The four girls and two boys were born at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, 14 weeks early on May 14. All of the babies are in the hospital's specialist neonatal intensive care unit and their 31-year-old mother, Vicky Lamb, is recovering well, said the hospital. The condition of the babies is said to be "critical". The newborns range in weight from 1lb 5oz to 1lb 15oz. Live births of such a high number of babies are rare, with the birth of sextuplets occurring once in around every 4.5 million pregnancies. Staff at the John Radcliffe Hospital "feel privileged to play their part in such an unusual birth", the hospital said in a statement. After several weeks of planning before the delivery, a large team of doctors and nurses were present at the births. Consultant neonatologist Dr Kenny McCormick said: "The next few days and weeks will be critical. "Babies that are born this early need a lot of specialist care. "They are receiving round-the-clock intensive care and specialist nursing at the moment and their condition is constantly monitored." Mrs Lamb and her husband Andy have asked to be "left in peace to focus on their babies". Publicist Max Clifford, who is acting for the family, said Mrs Lamb fell pregnant after taking the same fertility drug she used before the pregnancy of her first child, Gracie, now aged five. "They are just incredibly grateful for the John Radcliffe Hospital, the doctors and the nurses," he said. Talking about when the couple might be able to take the six home, Mr Clifford said: "It is a long way off. They are fighting for their lives, they are still critical." The best-known case of sextuplets in the UK is the Waltons, all girls, who were born in Liverpool in 1983. The sisters were a surprise to their parents who had been trying to have a baby for five years. But Graham and Janet Walton's 13th attempt at fertility treatment bore spectacular results. Last year, Nuala Conway gave birth to sextuplets in Belfast but one of the babies died after two months. According to the Multiple Births Foundation charity, the last surviving set of sextuplets in Britain were born in 1993.


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"See the Price of Persia"

"10,000 years of Iranian history and what the Iranian have contributed to the world"


10,000 years of Persian’s (IRAN) history has been very fascinating.

1)    Persian Literature one of the world best

a.     Ferdosy;

b.     Omar Khyyam

c.      Hafez

d.     Obyyed Zakani (Mosuce and Ghorbeh) (Tom @ Jerry)

e.     Atar

f.       Rumi

g.     Sadei


2)    Persian Kings;


a.     Cyrus the Great (His Cylinder statement about the human right)

b.     Kurus the Great

c.      Anushirvan Adel


3)    Persian sport;


a.     Polo (Chogan)

b.     Horse ridding

c.      Cricket (Alak Dolak)

d.     All kind of water sports


4)     Art

a.     Persian carpet

b.     Hand crafts (See all the famous world’s museum for this)

c.      Painting

5)    Food and nutrition;


a.     Pistachio

b.     Caviar

c.      Various Spices

d.     Sweets and confectionery


6)    Politics

a.     Yaghob Lyes Safari (He rescued Farsi language)

b.     Mohammad Musadegh (prime Minister of Shah’s time) Nationalised Iranian oil.

c.      Mehdi Bazarghan (Freedom movement in Iran. The most respected man in modern Iran. He was honest and telling the truth throughout his life. Never killed anyone or ordered to kill innocent people).


7)    Intellectuals

a.     Best doctors in the west are Iranian

b.     Best scientist of the USA and Europe are Iranian

c.      Artists  such as Farshchi, Abass Kyarostami

8)    Many other which .....Hollywood using Iranian history and culture to make money but sometimes acting against the great civilization.


'Prince of Persia'
This adaptation of the best-selling video game is a fun, old fashioned romp in the style of the 'Mummy’ and 'Pirates of the Caribbean’ movies. Which; follows an adventurous prince who teams up with a rival princess to stop an angry ruler from unleashing a sandstorm that could destroy the world.

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HIV risk for men during pregnancy

 Men have double the risk of catching HIV if their partner is pregnant, say researchers. A study of more than 3,000 couples in Africa also backed previous research showing women are more susceptible to HIV infection when they are pregnant. The researchers speculate that changes in a pregnant woman's immune system may contribute to the increased chance of her partner becoming infected. A UK charity said the findings showed the importance of antenatal testing. The findings have been presented at the International Microbicides Conference in Pittsburgh, alongside a separate study showing a microbicidal gel is safe to use during pregnancy to prevent HIV transmission. Young women of reproductive age are among those at greatest risk of HIV infection in countries with high levels of disease.Pregnancy risk

Several studies have suggested that during pregnancy women are more at risk of catching HIV from an infected partner, but this is the first time researchers have shown that men are more susceptible to infection if their partners are pregnant. The study, carried out in Botswana, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia, involved 3,321 couples in which one partner was HIV-infected and the other not. Over two years there were 823 pregnancies, and analysis showed that pregnancy increased both male-to-female and female-to-male infection. For women, it seemed that factors other than pregnancy contributed to the increased risk of HIV infection. But in men, the link between pregnancy and their risk of infection was much clearer, even after accounting for other factors, such as having unprotected sex. The findings also showed that measures of HIV infection such as viral load and CD4 count had no bearing on the man's risk of acquiring it. Study leader Dr Nelly Mugo, from the University of Nairobi and the University of Washington in Seattle, said it could be that biological changes during pregnancy make a woman more infectious. Jason Warriner, clinical director for Terrence Higgins Trust, said: "This shows why it's so important to have antenatal screening programmes in place. "One of the biggest challenges we face in the UK is that one person in four with HIV doesn't even know they have the virus, because they haven't been tested. "Along with promoting the use of condoms, screening programmes for at-risk groups would help bring down high levels of undiagnosed HIV and significantly reduce onward transmission."

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What can we learn from him? We know he was a dictatorship, wicked, and oppressor. He was powerful, what happened to him? Are we as powerful as Pharaohs?    

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What did Pharaohs of Egypt do as a Dictator?

1)      1) Did he order for censorship of all the Medias who were telling the truth?

2)      2) Did he order for imprisonment of all the intellectuals who were disagreed with him and his abnormal behaviour?

3)      3) Did he order for the closure of all the Newspapers who were against the dictatorship?

4)    4)  Did he control the cinema and artists?

5)      5) Did he order his secret police to check and control the internet, people’s emails, letters, and monitoring people‘s telephone conversation?

6)     6)  Did he monopolize trades to his gangs and family and establish Mafia for his own benefit?

7)      7) Did he interfere with everything he did not know anything about it?

8)      8) Did he do....?? and did he do that....?? and so many ???....

The answer to all the above questions was no.  He did none of the above mentioned. He was only saying that he was god and people should worship him. But he gave people freedom of choice....


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The 2010 report is now out, covering 221 of the world's capital and major cities. The firm's worldwide rankings are produced using 39 factors in ten categories, including:


1. Political and social environment (political stability, crime, law enforcement)

2. Economic environment (currency-exchange regulations, banking services)

3. Socio-cultural environment (censorship, limitations on personal freedom)

4. Health and sanitation (medical supplies and services, infectious diseases, sewage, waste disposal, air pollution)

5. Schools and education (standard and availability of international schools)

6. Public services and transportation (electricity, water, public transport, traffic congestion)

7. Recreation (restaurants, theatres, cinemas, sports and leisure)

8. Consumer goods (availability of food/daily consumption items, cars)

9. Housing (housing, household appliances, furniture, maintenance services)

10. Natural environment (climate, record of natural disasters)

Mercer produces individual reports for each country and then ranks them in order, using New York City as its baseline with a score of 100. Its latest report was compiled between September and November 2009.

Bad news for Brits

The disappointing news for the UK is that only one of our cities -- London -- makes it into the top 50 in Mercer's list of the most desirable places to live.

Here's where the UK's leading cities appear in Mercer's list (plus Dublin, for comparison):

According to Mercer, these are the 20 best cities in which to live:























New Zealand




























New Zealand


































As you can see, the clean, safe and wealthy cities of Vienna, Zurich and Geneva top this list. On a country-by-country basis, Germany has 4 entries in this top 20; Canada and Switzerland have three apiece; Australia and New Zealand two each; and Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Sweden each have one entry.

I have to admit that this chimes with my own experience of living and traveling abroad. But one criticism that I think could be leveled against some of the cities shown above is that they are ‘boring'. In other words, while I think they are fun to visit, I'd imagine that living there for years could be somewhat dull. Then again, expats and international workers often prefer to live in such cities to lower their stress levels, so this stability is no bad thing for them.

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Be happy life is to short.  

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Cambodia's 'Jungle Woman' Returns To Forest

A woman discovered living wild in the jungles of Cambodia three years ago has apparently returned to the forest. According to police the woman, known as Rochom P'ngieng, went missing on Tuesday while bathing near her home in a village nearly 960 miles (600km) north-east of Phnom Penh. Known in Cambodia as the "jungle woman", she was found living wild in 2007 after trying to steal a villager's food. She was wearing no clothes and was said to have been hunched over like a monkey. At the time of her discovery, she was reportedly unable to speak, communicating in grunts and unintelligible words. It was concluded she had been living wild for most of her life, and she is believed to now be 29 years old. Sal Lou, who claims to be the woman's father, said: "There is no sign indicating that her disappearance could be foul play. "I am sure she went back to the forest."Mr Lou's family claim Miss P'ngieng was their long-lost daughter, who disappeared while herding buffalo in 1988 aged eight years old. "She tried several times before to leave home and live back in the forest but she could not," he said. "This time her wish came true." Police investigating the disappearance do not believe Miss P'ngieng has been kidnapped or killed. She was admitted to Rattanakiri provincial hospital last year for four days, apparently suffering from mental illness.

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Acupuncture relief link identified

A biological molecule that may help explain the effects of acupuncture has been identified by scientists. The chemical, adenosine, is a natural compound known for pain-killing and anti-inflammatory properties. It also influences the heart and plays a role in regulating sleep. Researchers found that adenosine is very active in tissues affected by acupuncture, the ancient Chinese treatment that involves inserting needles into sensitive points of the body. The scientists performed acupuncture on mice suffering chronic inflammatory pain in one paw. Each animal received a 30-minute treatment with fine needles inserted into a known acupuncture point near the knee. Acupuncture reduced discomfort by two-thirds in mice with normal levels of adenosine. However, it had no effect on "knock out" mice genetically prevented from responding to adenosine, the researchers found. During and immediately after acupuncture treatment, adenosine levels in the tissues near the needles were boosted 24-fold. Maiken Nedergaard, from the University of Rochester Medical Center in New York state, said: "Acupuncture has been a mainstay of medical treatment in certain parts of the world for 4,000 years, but because it has not been understood completely, many people have remained sceptical. "In this work, we provide information about one physical mechanism through which acupuncture reduces pain in the body."

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In the Western countries all the ethnic minorities, black, yellow, white, red  people or any religious and non-religious groups can with the permission of the Home Office and co-ordination with the Police hold a peaceful demonstration in the west and express their dismay or their objections about anything.

Let us see whether this permission will be legally granted by an Islamic government to an Islamic Ex-Prime Minister and an Islamic Ex-s Parliament speaker they are Mr. Musavi and Mr. Mehdi Karobi.  They have written a joint letter; to the Islamic Home Office in Tehran-Iran and requested for a peaceful silence demonstration to be held in Tehran-Iran in two weeks time. The below document is a copy of their letter to the Iranian Home Office.

 We will let our site visitors to know whether any permission will be granted to them.The constitution of the IROI permits a peaceful demonstration. Let us see whether the Islamic government law abiding. 

"Bank Holiday in England & Wales"

Today in London it is Monday Bank holiday. The weather is mild and grey and it may rain later on. It is good for the hay-fever and other allergic suffers people. We are lucky, because we never get a good weather in London for a month period. It is either raining, windy or gloomy and cloudy after one day  which we have a sunny day.  People are used to it.The most important point is that whatever will be the weather we complain. Oh it is too cold, or oh it is too hot we can not stand the heat.