Date: 01.12.09. Time: 22.00

It is very odd that every year British sailors by so called  mistake during the month of December enter into the Iranian water in the Persian Gulf and make sensational headline. Salad would like to know why?

Last time (two years ago) the British Navy crossed into the Iranian territory and made a head line later on some of the released  Navy staff had sold their story to the News (RAPPER) Papers and made a good money which was against the Law..etc. It seems that it is a new  type of business adventure or  a new method of British way of diplomacy that recently has taken a place.  The foreign secretary Mr. David Miliband should apologize to the Iranian government at this difficult time instead of bulling and making rough statement.

Salad has heard that all of the Sailors were  released without Iranian giving any present to the sailors like it was the case the previous sailors. 

Salad would like to know what would be the case if the Iranian people  had entered by mistake into U.K's territory? 

British medias have made so much attention and provided news coverage to the people who have entered illegally into other 's territory. This is wrong. Use your brain and your energy to our home problems. Unemployment, poverty, illiteracy, crimes, legal, medical and media corruptions and...the MPs who had made false expenses claims...

Date: 02.12.09. Time: 22.00

In the lucrative world of car parking contracts, Westminster Council is the bonanza prize, the jackpot at the end of the rainbow. Around 600,000 vehicles come into Westminster 's 8.5 square miles everyday. It is a best way to make profit.

Date: 03.12.09. Time: 22.00

Italy 'to send 1,000 extra troops' to Afghanistan

USA to send 30,000 extra troops to Afghanistan

The moves comes two days after US President Barack Obama announced a US surge and as Nato foreign ministers meet in Brussels for two days of talks. Barack Obama has asked Nato allies to increase their deployments in Afghanistan, but several European nations are reluctant to do so. Mr Obama announced on Tuesday that America was sending 30,000 more forces to Afghanistan to fight the Taliban.

SALAD: "Every solider sent to Afghanistan cost the tax payer one million pound a year. Would not be better if these money were spent on creating jobs, making hospitals, schools, university to provide the Afghans a chance to  improve and recover their lives, these unfortunate people have been suffering for many centuries. There are 180,000 solider from 42 countries.  

Date: 04.12.09. Time: 22.00

Today the British sailors who were released by the Iranian have arrived in London and told the press that they were treated nicely and they have made a mistake going into Iranian territory.

Date: 05.12.09. Time: 22.00

In Copenhagen it should be stated:

"Reach Nations and reach households pollute the entire universe"

They are responsible for 40% of carbon dioxide, which is very clear why? The solution will be that they have to reduce their pollution, even all these Jumbo Jets which will take the reach nations to the Copenhagen 's meeting is a big pollution. They simply can have their meeting via video conferencing.

Even the Green people have beliefs but let down by their lifestyles. We need action to save the plant.

Date: 06.12.09. Time: 22.00


From 2011 reputable practitioners to be licensed to protect patients. Herbal medicine is getting there. God's kitchen has everything for human. More and more people using Homeopathy. Of course the drug making companies disagree with the herbal medicine and regard homeopathy as: "Quackery". The Royal College of Physicians is against statutory regulation on the grounds it would make such treatments "respectable". The drug industry is the biggest mafia and the side effects of each drug is phenomena facts.

Date: 07.12.09. Time: 22.00

Concern is rising about climate change around the world, according to a poll by GlobeScan:

Nearly two-thirds of 24,071 people polled in 23 countries said climate change was a "very serious" problem - up from 44% in a GlobeScan 1998 poll. There was a roughly equal split between people who wanted their governments to push for rapid action on climate change and those favouring a gradual approach. Only 6% did not want governments to conclude any international agreement. GlobeScan has regularly polled 13 of the countries included in the survey, for the past 11 years. The US and China buck the general trend, becoming less concerned about climate change over the past two years. "The poll shows strong worldwide support for action on climate change, in spite of the recession," said GlobeScan chairman Doug Miller. On average 63% of those polled said climate change was a "very serious" concern.

In Brazil and Chile the figure was 86%, falling to 45% in India and the US. In the 23 countries where polling took place, 44% on average wanted their country to play a leadership role to address climate change as quickly as possible, while 39% wanted their country to take a moderate approach supporting only gradual action.  People in the UK were keenest on taking a leadership role (62%) followed by Canada and Kenya (both 61%), and Japan, Australia and France (57%). Those in the US were above average for wanting their government to take a leadership role to address climate change as quickly as possible, but 14% wanted no international agreement - more than in any other country polled. On average, 61% of those questioned in the 23 countries said they wanted their government to invest in measures to address climate change, even if it hurt the economy. Some 29% opposed the idea. Despite the fact that only 57% of Chinese people questioned said climate change was a very serious concern, 89% of them supported government investment in tackling climate change - more than in any other country. In the US, 42% said they would oppose government action to address climate change if it hurt the economy, a figure exceeded only in Pakistan (58%) and the Philippines (63%). A total of 24,071 adult citizens in 23 countries were questioned by GlobeScan between 19 June and 13 October 2009.

Iran police 'clash' with opposition protesters

Student Day in Iran (On 7 of December 1953 three students were killed by the Shah’s regime during the demonstration against USA (Richard Nixon visit to Tehran) since then every year on the same date there is a demonstration by the University students)

This year during the same demonstration  the Iranian police have clashed with opposition supporters in central Tehran, witnesses say. Police used batons and tear gas, according to the witnesses. The reports could not immediately be verified because of a foreign media ban for three days to report. The reported clashes came as Iranians prepared to hold an annual rally to mark the killing of students in 1953. Earlier, hundreds of Iranian police were reported to have surrounded Tehran University to try to block protests. Iranian security forces, including the elite Revolutionary Guards, had warned that they would step in to prevent any attempt to use the event to stage opposition protests. Iran has cracked down hard on protests by opposition supporters following a disputed election in June. Opponents of the Iranian government have taken to using officially sanctioned demonstrations to turn out in big numbers and publicize their message. On Sunday former presidential candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi, who has become a leader for opponents to the regime, questioned whether the ban would succeed in preventing such demonstrations.The annual Students Day event commemorates the death of students during an anti-American protest in 1953. Before the rally, Tehran residents said that they had been unable to use e-mail and that opposition websites were being more tightly restricted than before. Thousands have been arrested and dozens killed this year after the disputed election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad led to the largest street protests since the 1979 Islamic Revolution.


Date: 08.12.09. Time: 22.00

British Media must stop piling pressure on Amir Khan

Amir Khan has set his sights on conquering America after making an explosive first defense of his world title. The 22- year old ensured he kept hold of his WBA light-welter-weight crown with a 76-second stoppage of previously unbeaten Dmitriy Salita in Newcastle.

Amir Khan is a British Muslim sportsman, please do not bother him by racist comments. 

Date: 09.12.09. Time: 22.00

The Queen of England warns off paparazzi

Her anger at intrusion into their private lives. The royal family feel they have a right to privacy when they are going about everyday, private activities, they are angered by the paparazzi's treatment of Prince William 's girlfriend...

Salad: If the royal families are ignored by the photographers again it is bad, because the Queen and her families need some attention from the public...

Mrs Cheri Blair claims she will never stop worrying about money. It is nice to be comfortable but I will probably never stop worrying that I have got enough, the wife of former prime minister Tony Blair says.

Salad: She should not worry they have plenty.


Children smoke the smuggled cigarettes which are twice as strong as normal ones and tests show some even contain asbestos originating from the Chinese construction industry.

Salad: We are all sleep. Some children smoke...such an such...Cigarettes


One Chines toy has been selling millions in the U.K. Some try to make  a problem to stop the sell, by claiming it is dangerous for the children and has chemical in it.

Salad: Which toy has no chemical in it? We make toys with chemical.

Date: 10.12.09. Time: 22.00


Recently the police have killed innocent people during the demonstration in the City. Therefore salad would like to give some tips for the Cops.

1) Do not start off by being confrontational or sarcastic
2) Do not start searching someone until you have properly explained what you are doing and why you are doing it.
3) Do not jump off the “bully van” and start shouting as if you are raiding the area.
4) Have more police officers who are from ethnic minorities.
5) Do not discriminate because of the way someone is dressed wearing a hoodie   does not make you a criminal.

Date: 11.12.09. Time: 22.00

Autism rise is linked to modern life

A sharp rise in the number of children with autism is directly linked to modern life- and not simply because more are being diagnosed, a new report claims. More than 40 different factors have been identified as possible autism triggers, including food additives, mobile phones, vaccines and even foetal monitoring.
Autism rise is linked to modern life


Global warming is predicted to cut rise, wheat and maize yields by a tenth as temperatures rise and water supplies dry up in poorer countries. Two-thirds of the expected increase in those going hungry will be concentrated in Africa, said the World food program. By 2050, the number of malnourished children could increase by a quarter- or an extra 24 million youngsters, of which 10 million are in sub- Saharan Africa. Cutting greenhouse gas emissions could halve the predicted total rise, the report found.  But  cuts must be accompanied by measures to help adapt to the changing climate, such as increased irrigation and liberalization of world food trade, the experts added.

Date: 12.12.09. Time: 22.00

Top 10 scientific breakthroughs

Scientific discoveries are always fascinating and it is hard to choose the best of the bunch. But here is our top 10 countdown for 2009.

1. Eye-tooth surgery

The most exciting scientific breakthrough in 2009 was something you can really get your teeth into. Englishman Martin Jones is finally able to see again after doctors took a piece of his aptly named eye-tooth, placed a man-made lens into its core and implanted it under his eyelid. By cutting a hole in the new cornea, light was able to pass through. The procedure, called Osteo-odonto-keratoprosthesis, has restored sight to over 600 people worldwide.

2. Is there life out there?

Space was at last grabbing headlines again this year, with traces of water found on the moon and Mars, but our search for extraterrestrial life also became a little bit more serious. The huge Kepler space telescope is taking pictures of planets as they pass in front of their home stars. Scientists hope this will identify likely sites for life in other solar systems. NASA officials are confident by 2011 they will detect Earth-size planets.

3. Adam and Eve: The first medical robot researchers

Scientists have given credit to a robot for a scientific discovery. Researchers at Aberystwyth and Cambridge universities got the robotic system, dubbed Adam, to carry out experiments to identify what are called orphan enzymes in baker's yeast. The team is also developing another robotic system called Eve. Eve will test drugs for malaria by hypothesising how drug molecules of various shapes would perform. Prof Ross King, who led the research at Aberystwyth University, said: "Ultimately we hope to have teams of human and robot scientists working together in laboratories."

4. Concrete solution to pollution

A British start-up company has created cement that absorbs CO2 from the air. Conventional Portland cement already accounts for 5% of global CO2 emissions. Novacem, however, is produced using magnesium oxide, which does not need to be heated to the same temperatures, thus reducing carbon emission and, at the same time, absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere immediately after production.
5. Mind mapping people's thoughts
Scientists at the University of California have modeled how images are represented in the brain by translating recorded patterns of neural activity into pictures. It is thought the research could someday lead to dream-readers and thought-controlled computers. "It's what you would actually use if you were going to build a functional brain-reading device," said neuroscientist Jack Gallant, one of the research leaders.

6. Penis replacement

Here's one for the boys. Researchers at the Wake Forest University's Institute of Regenerative Medicine have managed to engineer a fully functional replacement penis using tissue grown in a laboratory. The organs were made for rabbits, but the researchers at the lab, which has already implanted lab-grown bladders grown from the patient's own tissue into seven men, said the technology has "considerable potential for patients requiring penile construction."

7. Spray-on solar panels

The University of Texas hopes to bring us spray-on solar panels within the next three to five years. It is not a new idea but the team at Austin has developed a new process. Instead of using silicon, ‘inks' of copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) have been developed. The sunlight-absorbing nanoparticles are 10,000 times thinner than a strand of hair. They could then be sprayed onto a substrate to make a panel and be on the market within three to five years.

8. Teleportation

A research team at the Australian National University has developed a technology that could one day be used for teleportation. It hinges on a new way to transmit data with light. The team can generate quantum entanglement in beams of light using only two parts. The main aim is to develop super fast computers, but theoretically the scientists said the method could be used for teleportation as well; but quite some time in the future.

9. Dinosaur extinction

A team of scientists from Russia, Austria, South Africa and Germany claim to have found the cause of the extinction of the dinosaurs. The largest mass extinction in the history of the Earth could have been triggered by emissions from halogenated gases in salt lakes. Their theory is that the emissions could have changed the atmospheric composition so dramatically that vegetation was irretrievably damaged. As the plant eating dinosaurs died out, so too did the meat eaters.

10. Luscious lashes for the ladies

And here's one for the girls. Women may soon be able to stop relying on mascara. Biologists at L'Oreal's research laboratories in Paris have spent the last three years studying eyelashes and have now developed a gel that they claim extends the length of time individual eyelashes grow for before they fall out. This apparently leads to longer, thicker eyelashes. L'Oreal plans to market the gel as an over-the-counter cosmetic.

Date: 13.12.09. Time: 22.00


British skiers heading to the Alps this season were warned to avoid drinking too much alcohol because one might get heart attack.

Date: 14.12.09. Time: 22.00


Britons remain tolerant despite all the thereat. This country used to be the mother of democracy but now a days the British media have converted Britain into semi- tolerant society.



This is not Mrs this is Mr. Majid Tavakoly an Iranian Student who has been an activist and the police or the secrete police...just guess what happened???

During the demonstration against the USA (Please read the news on 7) on 7th December 2009  in Tehran  the Police or the hush-hush police have arrested him and only may Almighty God help him because the hush- hush police would do anything in the name of religion when they arrest people,  for example the Police  might have forced him to wear lady’s dress or have used  the photo-shop software to make his picture like the above to say that Mr. Tavakoly appeared in the public in lady’s dress. His friends and the witnesses have stated that it was not true he was in his normal clothes when he was arrested in Tehran in front of the Tehran university. All student start to wear like Mr. Tavakoly to make the fun of the regime.

During the Shah regime (1950-1979) it was similar scenario,  the regime used to arrest students in the name of  being a Communist activist, then they did anything to make them to confess and admit that they were the KGB's agent.  Now it is done in the name of being pro USA or being an Israeli 's agent or in the name of  anti- Religion... or anything else...they make the people to admit that they are the agent of such and such other wise they would do.......

Therefore after 31 years Iran has returned to the same scenario... There is no free press or free Party and there is no security for the people who just talk  and express they thoughts about something that is wrong with the system or to say thing against the system...

Therefore most of the story have been coming out of Iran is one sided, because of the wrong policies of the government, so we do not know who to believe . Because no one tell the truth all parties talk to their advantages therefore one would know the truth... 

SALAD: It is all to do with what we eat. People of Iran eat too much red meat, therefore: " we are what we eat". If we eat too much animal products then our way of thinking will become very abnormal....Eat more fruits and vegetables and nuts you will see your tolerance will be changed totally.                               

Date: 15.12.09. Time: 22.00

Sleep on the train to beat flu threat

Commuters are being urged to sleep while they travel to avoid catching flu. Dozing off on the Tube, train or bus could reduced the risk of illness by boosting the immune system. Health experts say passengers are at risk of catching flu if they touch a surface that has been sneezed on by an infected person up to three hours earlier. Swine flu has killed 50 people in the capital.There are 184 patients are in London hospitals with the HINI virus.


1) Sneeze into the crook of your elbow, not your hand.

2) On the Tube, train or bus, try taking a power nap. Your immune system will function better with sufficient rest.

3) Try to sit or stand of ventilation and move away from other passengers if possible.

             Are you thinking about what you have got???

                                                                or always

             Are you thinking about what you have not got...


SALAD: We should always think about what we have and be thankful and make an effort to achieve what we desire to have.  But MOANING is very bad habit some people have and by moaning they make others distress.

Date: 16.12.09. Time: 22.00

If one does 3 minutes exercise every day one will improve her/his brain activities. This is called SUPER BRAIN YOGA. Please see the clip.

Improve your brain

UK jobless rise continues to slow

The number of people unemployed in the UK rose by 21,000 between August and October to three million. The increase was the smallest rise in the jobless total since the March-to-May period in 2008, Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures showed. The unemployment rate is currently 7.9%, according to the ONS figures. However, the number of people claiming unemployment benefit fell by 6,300 in November to 1.95 million, the first fall since February 2008. According to the ONS figures, the number of 16-to-24 year old who are unemployed rose to 1,500,000 the highest figure since records began in 1992. The number of out of work 18-to-24 year old increased by 26,000, but this figure was offset by a fall in the number of jobless 16 and 17 year old of 20,000. The number of people unemployed for more than a year increased by 49,000 in the latest quarter to 620,000, the highest since 1997.

Date: 17.12.09. Time: 22.00

                                                           It is good to laugh

The sign is saying:    "It is free only for sisters"

They are giving out free foods for ladies only.. Even here men would not allow ladies to enjoy a free food. This is the men 's world...

Date: 18.12.09. Time: 22.00


Vital improvements to the Tube were plunged into doubt by 1.5 billion pounds funding crisis, it is the bill for modernizing the Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly lines, used by 1.7 million people today.


BA cabin crew have secretly questioned plans for 12 day strike. It is going to be a tough days for the travelers and the BA's staffs.


We have heavy snow and bitter cold which it is a good news for children.


America, China, Russia, Europe, Australia, Brazil, Indonesia, South Africa agreed to cut emission but no assurance has been given. So much money, time, energy have been given to this meeting for two weeks and all these could have been spent to reduce emission by helping the poor countries to improve their lives.

Date: 19.12.09. Time: 22.00


Fascism is known as an ideology that was born and flourished in the 20th century.
Yet the roots of this ideology, which exalted war and violence, in fact go back to ancient times, to Sparta. It spread rapidly across the world in the wake of World War I, with fascist regimes coming to power in Germany and Italy in particular, but also in such countries as Spain and Japan. Because of fascism, the peoples of these countries suffered terribly and were subjected to frightful savagery. The origins of fascist ideology which rest on old pagan cultures and its link to Darwin’s theory of evolution, which has formed the basis of various aggressive ideologies all over the world, from the 19th century up to the present day.  An aspect of the theory of evolution that has so far remained hidden. It unveils the ideological links between Darwinism and the totalitarian ideologies like fascism and communism.  One will  be able to see the fruits of Darwinism in the killing fields of Hitler, Stalin or Mao and...we could assess which ruler in which country now a day depresses his own nation?


Many sign indicate the existence of a period when the  Holly book's values will pervade Earth. This period, known as the Golden Age, and, in many ways, will resemble the Blessed Period of  all Prophets the countless portents giving the good news of the coming of the  Massiah and Mahdi have occurred one after the other. It appears from these portents that the coming of the Massiah and Mahdi, described by the Holly books, may God bless them and grant them peace, is close at hand. So, what effects will the coming of the Massiah and Mahdi have on mankind and the world? The developments which will be experienced on a world scale following the appearance of the  Massiah and Mahdi, and examines the features of a period known as the “Golden Age.” The Golden Age is a time when the moral values of  God will prevail and people will arrive at true faith. These two developments will give rise to some major physical results.  One will see how these extraordinary developments will come about.


Many areas will see just a dusting of flakes but East Anglia and south east England were warned to expect between 10 and 15cm. Paul Mott, forecaster from MeteoGroup UK, the weather arm of the Press Association, said it will be cold and wintry for the next week throughout the UK, but a white Christmas is more likely in the north. "There could be a return to slightly milder weather before Christmas," he said. "If there is any snow at Christmas it is looking more likely in northern areas. It will be milder in the South."  Mr Mott said most areas of the UK will see some snow with Scotland, the North East of England and Yorkshire likely to see several centimetres. Snow is least likely in south west England and south west Wales, he said. "The heaviest of the snow showers are likely to be in East Anglia and south east England. The heaviest of the snow looks to be over Suffolk and Norfolk with 10 to 15cms overnight, a good blanket." London could see between two and 5cms, he added, with a strong wind making it feel bitterly cold. Less snow is expected in north and western parts but temperatures could fall as low as -5C (23F), he said. East Anglia and the south east are likely to see further snow showers on Friday.

Date: 20.12.09. Time: 22.00



Grand Ayatollah Montazeri, one of Shia Islam's most  brave and respected figures he wrote more than fifty books and he was a supporter of human right and he said that the priority should be given to the human right, and he was a leading critic of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, himself said in August that the turmoil following the election "could lead to the fall of the regime". He said Iran's clerical leadership was a dictatorship and issued a fatwa condemning the government after the election. His death comes at a crucial time in a standoff between the government and opposition, and the leaders will fear a big turnout for Monday's funeral. It is scheduled to start at 0900 local time (0530 GMT) and it is reported that no foreign media will be allowed to attend. Reporting in Iran by foreign organizations has been restricted since the post-election protests. Large crowds have already gathered outside the grand ayatollah's home in Qom, 125km south (90 miles) of Tehran, following his death on Saturday evening. Various sources said thousands of people were traveling from all over the country to be at the funeral. Grand Ayatollah Montazeri died of natural causes, his family said. He will be laid to rest at the shrine of Hazrate Masoumeh, one of the most revered female saints in Shia Islam, his office told AFP news agency. It is also said there were reports of heavy riot police presence in Qom. However, Grand Ayatollah Montazeri's grandson, Naser Montazeri, said: "People and friends are coming to express their condolences but there are no special security measures around our house."

                                                                                People loved him so much because he feared God only and he defended people’s interests and did not care of the rulers if they harmed him for more than twenty years.        


Date: 21.12.09. Time: 22.00

 Tonight is the longest night of the year. In Persian history it is called "YALDA"


Date: 22.12.09. Time: 22.00

The NHS 700 millions pound  from compensation claim in just five years paid to the Lawyers. Now NHS employs 300 of its own lawyers and managers just to deal with claims.


The nightmare could take weeks to sort out with disruption continuing "well into the New Year". Passengers turn on staff for leaving them in dark. It is hilarious leading edge technology that came unstuck inside a tunnel.

Date: 23.12.09. Time: 22.00

During the Christmas take special care about the type of foods you are having. After the festive many people will carry on eating the left over foods for a long time and if they are not careful they may suffer food poisoning or they may face with other health problems.


Too much Fat, sugar, salt, starch, and .... damage our health, therefore moderation is the solution to all the problems. 

Date: 24.12.09. Time: 22.00

LONDON AND THE CHRISTMAS - London and Christmas shoppers

Snow turned into rain and the weather a bit warmer and the central London has been packed with people doing their last minute shopping. Tonight all the family get  together and pray for the peace.

The POP and the security, he was knocked down at Christmas MASS by a woman in Rome. He later on attended the preying session.

Date: 25.12.09. Time: 22.00

It Friday and it is Christmas day and it is public holiday

Several C130 aircraft took several tones of foods and Christmas presents for the solider In Afghanistan so that they army have a good time in Afghanistan.


Date: 26.12.09. Time: 22.00


Boxing Day is a bank holiday or a public holiday in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Germany, Greenland, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Macau and countries in the Commonwealth of Nations with a mainly Christian population. In South Africa this public holiday is now known as the Day of Goodwill.

Date: 27.12.09. Time: 22.00

IN Boxing day foreign shoppers were happy because of the weak sterling prices were low for them they enjoyed their shopping in London.  

Date: 28.12.09. Time: 22.00

Bank holiday

The security of the plant earth is at risk because we as a human beings do not respect each other 's right and by violating each other ’s right  some people try to be a judgmental and in this case the lawlessness takes place. We should realize that we are all in one ship and anything goes wrong with the ship craft will effects us, so we should not be indifferent towards any wrong doing by the others.

Date: 29.12.09. Time: 22.00


Last night my children wen out to visit the city center because there was sales everywhere, when they returned home,had bought so much shopping which the majority of the items were not needed and some of them were absolutely useless. I did not nag, but I just told them that for every problem we as a human being have today have faced with there could be solution, that is to be a moderate person in every thing we do in a real life.   Extremists throughout the history were the losers. Moderation in eating, exercise, studying, earning money, saving money, loving, struggling…..would be the key to the success.

Date: 30.12.09. Time: 22.00

This year housing market and businesses have not been doing well, and the recession in the U.K is getting bad, other part of Europe they are doing better.

Date: 31.12.09. Time: 00.00

 Friday is New Year so, from Friday to Monday is holiday. New Year eve traveling by tube is free from 23.30 hours to 04.30 hours (31.12.2009- 01.01.2010). But the British Rail is not free this year.