Eating red meat could become as socially unacceptable within a generation as drink-driving. I personally believe that dietary shifts are crucial to halve damaging greenhouse gases caused by methane-producing livestock (Cow’s winds)

Meat is a wasteful use of water and creates a lot of greenhouse gases. A vegetarian diet is better. I am 59 and my attitudes towards eating have changed radically. I feel much younger, healthier, and happier and have more energy... I drink 8 glasses of water from to I do not eat food at night. I do exercise five times a week.

Date: 02.11.2009. Time: 22.00

BNP in plot to get rid of Mr. Nick Griffin. They believe his performance on Question time was very bad, and did not act as a good fascist....

PIRATES + British couple and ransom have been a big business for the Somali gangs...The British couple are retired Mr Chandler 59 and Mrs. Chandler 55 from Tunbridge Wells...

Date: 03.11.2009. Time: 22.00

Council lose £10 million a year by auctioning homes cheaply. Wandsworth sole 88 properties.

HAMID KARZAI has become illegal President of Afghanistan. Abdullah Abdullah resigned.

TALIBAN is in charge of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and other neighbours...

Mother to 140 children urges more to sign up as foster parents. Mrs Avirl Head 57 and husband Ron 60 a retired fire-fighter have three children of their own but have dedicated much of their lives to caring for those born with special medical needs.

Date: 04.11.2009. Time: 22.00 (13 ABAN 1388)

Iran demonstrating at the USA's Embassy compound in Tehran. Most of the students who occupied the USA Embassy now have been the captive of their own Government since May 2009 of course in different locations. They have paid high prices for what they did in 1979-1982 capturing 52 American diplomats. Still yesterday it was the biggest demonstration in many cities and in Tehran the police used force against the ordinary people who were saying:"Down with the dictator" which is not bad for the USA, and...for.the world's dictators...the tube stations of the areas close to the Embassy were all closed so that people would not be able to attend the demonstration...It seems that Tehran did not achieve anything after 30 years of demonstrations, wars and struggling in and out against the Western Governments as well as killing and arresting their own innocent people just because they have been talking about the wrong policies of the Governments. So in salad's opinion the real winners of all these businesses have been the Western government by selling their rubbish stuffs and goods through the black market to Tehran making a good money, of course people who received commission out of this deals had made a fortune. Also, China selling its rubbish goods to Tehran as well as the Russia who did not know how to resolve the CHERNOBBELL problems now she has been in charge of Iranian Atomic Energy in BUSHAR and after several years yet again has not completed the job because of the political matters and she is milking Tehran and the Western Governments in many ways by having a several faces towards Tehran's policies. So the West has been the real winner... But in Tehran the Government claims that they have gained a victory by capturing the Americans staff for several days. And this and that but did not mention what price the people of Iran have paid.... and will pay because of wrong policies....

SALAD received messages from the visitors who said that they wish to say to the Government that: "We would like to say to the people who make decision: "Please do not do wrong things in our name." "Do it in your names"

Date: 05.11.2009. Time: 22.00

Landmark ruling means employees can sue for unfair dismissal. Employees who raise concerns about their company's environmental practices won the right to legal redress yesterday after a judge ruled that green beliefs deserved the same protection in the workplace as religious convictions. This means that the workers who are victimized for their strong environmental views such as how a company should deal with cutting carbon emissions, managing waste or using aviation to travel to meetings, can bring compensation against employers.

Date: 06.11.2009. Time: 22.00


All children in the UK will be forced to take sex and drugs education at school under reforms announced today, at the age of 5 children will be study the sex and drug. Parents will not be able to withdraw children from classes.

SALAD: "Please teach children about the right food and clean drink and feed children properly then children will themselves learn about the SEX. Our generation did not get any SEX education at school and we never had any problem with the sex, we have normal lives and have a good family life.""

UN Climate change conference likely to fail in Copenhagen next month, officials warn

Date: 07.11.2009. Time: 22.00

In Texas a soldier fired indiscriminately on his colleagues and has killed several and injured some. He was against the war and against the USA’s interference in Afghanistan and Iraq. He is alive and has been arrested. USA should soon leave the areas to their own Nations. Afghanistan is not Iraq. The Taliban people were trained by CIA and they know how to fight.


Mr. DAVID HAYE victory over 2.63 cm tall Russian Mr. Nikolai Valuev. So much money was exchanged.

Date: 08.11.2009. Time: 22.


Many soldiers were killed in Afghanistan. All the Royal Family took part in the ceremony. Princes honour. William and Harry laid personal tributes to the fallen in Sunday, November 2009 at 13.00. They lay their wreath on Remembrance Day carrying a personal note to two friends killed in service. It read: " In memory of Lex, Jo and others who have made the ultimate sacrifice". The Royal family getting closer to the public.

Date: 09.11.2009. Time:22.00

Mr. Brown's letter to the soldier's mother spelling mistakes and the U.K's media Mr Brown’s spelling error was magnified to divert people’s attention from the war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and possibly the USA’s and her allied conspiracy against the Iran.

Date: 10.11.2009. Time 22.00

High Court in Switch off the ventilator machine and allow a severely brain damaged boy to die. His mum and dad have been fighting for six day. Mum agrees to allow the hospital to switch off the ventilator machine, but his father disagreed and finally after all consultation and advice he agreed to allow his son die peacefully. This is very difficult decision parent have been faced.

SALAD: "We are not God, therefore He who creates knows the best, and therefore I would allow my boy to stay alive till Almighty takes him. LIFE & DEATH is in His hands."

Date: 11.11.2009. Time: 22.00


There has been interference from the advertising company asking the Busker to sing the Jingle Holiday Are Coming in the run-up to Christmas. The Buskers have been making their music for years and certainly know more about their craft than the advertising men or transport bosses. They always brighten up the commute whenever Salad hears them.

Date:13.11.2009. Time: 22.00

On your Bike Jack

The Met Police has the 93-pages manual that tells cops how to ride Bike. Police officers have been given 93-pages pamphlets on how to ride a bicycle while on duty. The “absurd” national guides include instructions on how to turn a corner, stay balanced and brake. The official Police Cycle Training Doctrine, estimated to have cost the public thousands of pounds, was drawn up by the Association of Chief Police Officers. The manual tells you how to avoid obstacles such as kerbs and rocks and remind riders to “rear scan”- look over their shoulder- to see what is behind them…

SALAD: “This is an absurd waste of Police time and thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money. That is why we do not get Police when there is need for them, because they have to spend time wading through this nonsense.

Date: 14.11.2009. Time: 22.00


MPs were stunned by the bill, which is far higher than estimated. Millions of commuters will despair at why money is being spent on keeping these Platforms empty instead of improving their daily travel to work?

MP has acted to the Letter:

Mrs. Jacqui Janes’s attach on Gordon Brown for misspelling the name of her son in a letter of condolence. Yet again the media has managed to blame Mr. Brown. A man who took on a job coloured by Tony Blair’s mistakes.

SALAD: I have a lot of sympathy for Mrs. Janes, who as a mother has been grieving for her son. But she should know that her son signed up for the army, killing innocent Afghans, theses people also have parents. The Afghan people never attacked Britain or any other country…These people have been suffering for many centuries either by British army, or by Russia. The Afghans should either be helped by the UN financially or for God sake to be left alone. Mr. Blair and W.C. Bush ‘s children should go to Afghanistan to see what their fathers have done to the children 's lives there.


let us return to 1954 and bring back the National Service. I know how much good it would do today’s youth. We have to start of YOB culture then they were brought into line with the rest of us once they were in camp. It is good for our children.

Date: 15.11.2009. Time: 22.00


Germany goalkeeper Mr. Robert Enke was struck by a train at a railway crossing in northern Germany on Tuesday and died at the scene. He was for many years distressed and could not reveal it because he feared he might have lost his daughter.

SALAD: “ Footballers are living in a different world (Fantasy). I would do the same if I would have earned £100,000 per week tax free” This is all the fault of the football supporters who pay so much attention to the players and spend so much money...

Date:16.11.2009. Time: 22.00


A teacher has shaken u the world of photography- by taking his pictures through a crystal ball. He captures all the scenes like miniature snow globes without the snow.

Man-hater has been arrested. 

A 51 year old lady received 60 calls a day through adverts in newspapers in the South. She would tell the men that the relationship could blossom, then use sob stories to make them give her cash. She has been arrested and sentencing her at the court the Judge told her: “the fact you claim to hate men does not provide you with any excuse” The lady has made £100,000 per month. She had a previous conviction for obtaining property by deception.


Obama told Chinese Government that they must free the internet and improve their human right. A talk on trade imbalances, global currency strains and climate change would be the agendas. The freedoms of expression and worship, of access to information and political participation, should be available ti all people because it is the universal rights of the human being.

Date:17.11.2009. Time: 22.00

British transferring power to Afghans

After so many innocent people killed from both sides now Britain’s soldiers being told to offer the Talibans some cash and sweets for their Eid Alazha. Soon the power will be transferred to the Afghans.

Gaddafi’s invite 500 girls to Islam

He has invited 500 girls age 18 to 35 to a hotel in Rome to tell them that Islam is not against the women. He gave them presents and a copy of the Koran and a signed of his green book.


Mofia is not only in drug business, they are involved in the following fields too:

1) Football
2) Food Businesses
3) Gold
4) Media
5) Hollywood
6) Music

Date:18.11.2009. Time: 22.00

Egypt and Algeria facing with each other in Khartoum. Many people attending the match. Algeria won the match and will go to the World cup in South Africa.

Earth is tinier than we think

We are living in a small world, but we do not know this fact. The average distance around the equator is 40,000 km. We are living in a village.

Date:19.11.2009. Time: 22.00

In London the parking warden's get death threats

These people earn 7 pound per an hour, it is a hard job indeed,  someone must do  the job, but some people are unreasonable and threat these people with death. If we park our car in an appropriate place we do not get  any ticket, but we park in a wrong place or do not pay enough money for the parking then we get a PCN which we have to pay the penalty. Some of the warden stated: "You feel frustrated, so dejected. You think, how can someone talk to me like this."  and " I want to empathize with the public but the public misunderstands me." 

This is not fair. These people are helping the society and they should be treated better. If the Law is odd or we do not like is not their fault...These people are only doing a job according to the Law!

Date: 20.11.2009. Time: 22.00

One in 10 London paramedics attacked

Almost 10 per cent of paramedics have been assaulted while on duty in London. The rate of attacks on ambulance staff in the capital is more than seven times higher than other parts of the country. Some of the staff said:  “Frontline crews need to be aware of their own safety at all times, but we also know that the risk to them is heightened when patients or patient’s friends are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. We take all the cases of assault and verbal abuse very seriously, and strongly encourage staff to report them.”

Britain has got a talent that is the talent of our media who do not concentrate on serious issues and do not show what has been going on in the society. HALLELUJAH is good. HALLELUJAH is when people would appreciate the help and support they are receiving from the Ambulance and paramedics staffs and in return thanking  them not harming them.


CZECHS & SLOVAKS celebrate velvet Revolution. The opposition demonstration was brutally repressed but later on something happened which was a great success, in 1989 uprising in Prague and bloodless change took over. For the first time Slovaks have their own democratic state, the Euro and the open borders. In one day two revolutions were born in the same country.

Date: 21.11.2009. Time: 22.00

Flood in Cumberia- Cockermouth

Flood in UK. It has been raining and more to come in this week. We will not get water shortage, but many people are missing ( 11 missing) and many houses has been damaged. Massive search operation was under way today for 11 people missing in the floods in northern England. The town flooded with water up to the waists of firefighters. Five RAF helicopters airlifted at least 50 to safety, which some forced to break through the roofs of their houses. Many more were being rescued by boat.

More Strikes in London

London is facing a wave of bus, Tube, Royal mail, dustman, nurses, ..strikes

Irish replay hopes

The reply was refused by the FIFA, Thierry Henry's blatant handball helped the French overcome the Irish 2-1 on aggregate. France and Irish government also involved with the matter....FIFA: "You cannot reply the match on this basis."

FIFA Probe Egypt FA over stoning of Bus

FIFA have opened disciplinary proceedings against the Egyptian Football Association after Algeria's team bus was pelted with stones in the lead-up to the World Cup qualifier between the sides last Saturday. Finally Algeria in Sudan won the match. 

Date: 22.11.2009. Time: 22.00

More rain in the U.K and more flood for cockermouth. So much damage has been to the city and houses. There is a wise solution to this. One is to control the river. Other point is to move houses somewhere safer.

It is odd 100 volunteers using night vision goggles and thermal imaging gear in a 24hr-a-day search for a spaniel dog (called Lady). People traveled 250 miles to set up an incident room on behalf of Lady's owners.

SALAD: "Nowadays dogs are kinder than some people. That is why 100 people are not searching the people who are missing instead they are searching for a dog. Just think that the flood-hit homes and so many people are missing and 100 volunteers have been looking only for one dog. Something is wrong here..."

Date: 23.11.2009. Time: 22.00

SWINE FLU still killing

A boy of five has been the latest suspected victim of swine flu. He died in hospital after contracting HIVI virus. His primary school has been closed as a health precaution, the staff are very saddened to learn of his death who was a confident, delightful and happy student and will be missed greatly. In Britain 210 people have died from swine flu.

Glastonbury Music Show

U2 will headline Glastonbury next 25th of June 2010. Singer Bono and his band will take a break from their north American tour to perform at the biggest festival for the first time.

Date: 24.11.2009. Time: 22.00

The number of unemployment are raising in the U.K. 700 jobs at the LIoyds Bank to be slashed, so far 50,000 finance jobs have been lost in the past 12 months.

Date: 25.11.2009. Time: 22.00

Mayor of  London finally  made a wise decision

After so much money and other resources being wasted the wise decision was made. This is from the 2nd January 2010 Oyster is accepted as one ticket for all the transports... More than 40 million pounds were invested to enable the commuters to be able to touch in and tough out at the Network Rail stations, as well as the tube and buses network.

Mr Tony Blair failed to prepare troops

He failed to prepare the troops for the aftermath of the invasion. The Court will hear evidence that Mr. Blair 's secrecy over his act with former American president George W.C. Bush helped fuel the post-war chaos.

Date: 26.11.2009. Time: 22.00

Bad News for people & good News for Banks

People lost their legal battle for a refund of billions of pounds of overdraft charges. The Supreme Court and Appeal Court supported the leading high street bank to charge £30 a day for unauthorized overdraft. So be very careful with overdraft and try to arrange before with your bank if one needs overdraft.


Iraq inquiry heard that there were huge gaps in U.K intelligence about Iraq’s suspected Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD). All the reports about the chemical and ballistic and biological weapons was sporadic and patchy. There was no threat from Saddam.


People should eat less meat to help combat climate charge, a government backed report, there will be 30 per cent reduction in the number of farm animals bred for meat. Scientist hope that people eat less beef, lamb, pork. UN figure suggest that meat production is responsible for about 18 per cent of global carbon emissions, including the destruction of forest land for cattle ranching and the production of animal feeds such as soy. Save the plant by eating less meat..

Date: 27.11.2009. Time: 22.00

Medical Negligence in the U.K getting out of control

The family of a man who ended up brain damaged after he was wrongly turned away from hospital was awarded 3.2 million pound compensation.He is 20 years old but with the mind of a child.

An other boy died yesterday because for three days he was passed like a tennis ball from hospital to hospital till he died in University College Hospital.


Date: 28.11.2009. Time: 22.00

Plastic surgery for Dogs

It is a stupid and the boob craze is not just confined to women who want to look more attractive … now even dog are getting in on the action.


Dubai debt crisis wipes 60 billions off shares value in the City for the second day running as the scale of the Dubai financial crisis become clear..

Date: 29.11.2009. Time: 22.00

Mr Tony Blair Peer Claims 38000 pounds for expenses... She has a big house in Wandsworth.

Date: 30.11.2009. Time: 22.00

Date: 31.11.2009. Time: 22.00