Date: 01.10.2009. Time: 22.00

Salad I would like to say:

"Mr. Barack Hossein Oboma Iran is not Iraq, please just leave it as it is."

I would also say:

"IRAN has been sanctioned since 1979 but the country is doing well, so the sanctions failed, why are you trying again????"

I assure you that:

"Bullying Iran never works. All the Iranians are united in "right to have a peaceful nuclear energy programme."

Discussing sanctions, United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stated,” We have made it clear to Iran that they have a right to peaceful nuclear energy for civilian purposes under appropriate safeguards and monitoring but not to a nuclear weapons program. And if we don't get the answers that we are expecting and the changes in behaviour that we're looking for, then we will work with our partners to move towards sanctions.”

The weapons fired by Iran were not nuclear warheads, but conventional ballistic weapons. However, they have the capabilities of being armed with nuclear warheads in the future. The missiles include the Shahab-3 and the Sajjil. The Shahab-3 is a medium range missile and the Sajjil missiles are capable of shooting up to 2000 miles. The missiles would pose a threat to Israel, United States military bases, and parts of Europe.



Please spend all the money on the world's education, health, developing poor countries, resolving starvation, pollutions, water shortage, etc....Do not waste resources. Next time Iran wants to make a public toilet must inform the fixed powers to know that Iran is building a public toilet, so that access be allowed for them to inspect the toilet and.....It does not work like this. Please mind your own business and do not interfere with others affairs. Fixed powers should get rid of all the nuclear weapons in their own countries first than tell others what to do.

Salad knows that OBOMA and BUSH are not the same, but the USA's policy is the same under any president, that is to bully, to destroy the smaller countries that are not USA puppets that do not care what the USA is dictating.


Date: 01.10.2009. Time: 22.00

5 + 1 = 6 Meeting in GENEVA to pressure Iran

1. America: Under Secretary for Political Affairs: Mr. William J. Burns.
2. China: Vice Foreign Minister: He Yafei
3. Russia: Deputy Foreign Minister: Mr Sergey Ryabkov;
4. Germany: Director General for Political Affairs: Mr. Volker Stanzel;
5. England: Political Director at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office: Mr Mark Lyall Grant;
6. France: Director General for Political Affair and Security: Mr. Jack Odiber;
7. EEC: Mr. Javier Solana; and Robert Cooper
8. Iran: Mr. Jalilie and three advisors are accompanying him.


Please relax and try to negotiate fairly and respect each other’s right. We are all watching you. We do not need Atomic Bomb. All of us throughout the world need love, affection and honesty to have a peaceful world. 

Date:02.10.2009. Time: 22.0

Man has destroyed the plant.....We are in the same boat, so be very careful.

Earthquake – Tsunami – Typhoon – Cyclone – Volcano –

Indonesia – Samoa


The powerful earthquakeand deadly tsunami that struck the Samoan Islands on Tuesday occurred, once again, on a volatile “subduction zone” such as the one that caused the 2004 Indonesian earthquake and another that poses risks to the Pacific Northwest of the United States.

Researchers at Oregon State University who have studied and mapped in detail the subsea terrain near Samoa and Tonga in the South Pacific Ocean say this event – which appears to have killed 100 or more people in the resulting tsunami – happened deep beneath the sea in a complex geological site where two of the Earth’s great plates collide.

“To my knowledge, there haven’t been many destructive tsunamis in this region in recorded history, but it’s not surprising that this happened,” said Dawn Wright, a professor of geosciences at OSU who has done extensive bathymetric mapping of this part of the world.

“In this area, the Pacific plate and the Australian plate are colliding, and it’s further complicated by a transition from a subduction zone to strike-slip fault such as the San Andreas fault in California,” Wright said. “In the process the Pacific plate is also tearing at this transition zone, and such forces make it especially vulnerable to large earthquakes.”

The earthquake happened near the Tonga Trench, Wright said, which forms where one of the tectonic plates dives under the other and in the process creates a vast undersea canyon that dwarfs the Grand Canyon in the U.S. – it includes the Horizon Deep, the second deepest spot on the planet, at more than 35,000 feet beneath the sea. In this event, two giant parts of the Earth surged in different directions and violently heaved the ocean water above them, resulting in a tsunami. Some of these high speed waves can reach the speed of a jet airliner and travel across entire oceans – but in this case it appears that Samoa and American Samoa received the brunt of the damage.

“There’s a real similarity here to both the subduction zones that caused the Indonesia earthquake and pose risks on the Cascadia Subduction Zone off the Pacific Northwest,” Wright said. “Like many places on what’s called the ‘ring of fire,’ these deep, high magnitude earthquakes hold the potential for dangerous tsunamis. That’s what we need to be preparing for here in the Pacific Northwest.”

Wright noted that engineers at OSU are working at this time with community leaders from Cannon Beach, Ore., to design and build what could become the nation’s first tsunami resistant structure, envisioned as a building that people could run to when an earthquake hits and there may be only a matter of minutes before a deadly tsunami strikes.

The Samoan tsunami occurred only 20 minutes after the earthquake hit, reports indicate, leaving coastal residents very little time to seek safety on higher ground. Successive waves caused significant damage and loss of life.

Shortly after that, in an unrelated geologic event, yet another earthquake struck the Indonesia island of Sumatra and killed many people, not far from where the deadly 2004 earthquake and tsunami occurred.

At OSU, other work is also under way to study subsea terrain, wave behavior and the specific forces of tsunamis, using the world’s most sophisticated tsunami wave basin at the Hinsdale Wave Research Laboratory.

Date: 03.10.2009. Time: 22.00

I have been overwhelm with your emails and messages that the site has been very informative and provides you some information which you need. I have also received so many advice, and guidance from the site’s visitors which I am going to use all of them to improve the site. It is a free useful information.

Date: 04.10.2009. Time: 22.00

We have heard so much sad story this week, so many children were killed in the U.K by accident, by parents, and...

We had earthquake in Indonesia, flood in India. These are all as a result of so much pollution by man. 

Date: 05.10.2009. Time: 22.00

No news is a good news. Mr. Cameron the conservative leader and Mr. Gordon Brown the Leader of the Labor party will be challenging each other for the place in the number 10 Downing Street. There will be American's style  live debate  and contest. This style has been taken a place in Iran, Afghanistan and it will be for the first time in the U.K. These two parties are the same. They are both against the poor people and they both look after the interests of the rich people and they have been prepared everything for the rich. Salad will vote the Green party.

Date: 06.10.2009. Time: 22.00

Flood in Japan

Torrential rain has caused a severe flood in Japan and has made so much damages and killed a few people.

Date: 07.10.2009. Time: 22.00

USA $$$$ is dying

$$$$$$ Dollar will be replaced with the Chinese 's currency...or Taliban's new currency

Dollar will be replaced with Chinese‘s currency in a few years time. Because America has been reducing the value of the Dollar to pay her debts, the leaders of the Europe and the East and Far East have been worrying about the value of the Dollar.

Date: 08.10.2009. Time: 22.00


The Queen will be attending a special service on Friday to officially mark the end of Britain's military mission in Iraq. The service, at St Paul's Cathedral in London, will honour and remember the lives of the 179 British soldiers who died during the conflict. The Queen will be joined by veterans and relatives of the soldiers who've served in Iraq over the past six years. Tony Blair, who was Prime Minister for the 2003 invasion, will also be there. Find out how British soldiers ended their Iraq mission. Britain ended its military mission in Iraq in April, after six years of service in the troubled country. During that time, 179 British soldiers and 55 others were killed in British-led missions.


What happened?

British soldiers started fighting in Iraq back in 2003, when troops from lots of different countries worked together to invade the country. They did that because some world leaders feared that the man in control of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, had very dangerous weapons and was going to use them to attack other countries - including the UK. Those weapons were never found.


"So far no evidence has been disclosed by the Blair, Brown, that Iraq had dangerous weapon or a Bomb or mass destruction or.....The politicians have been  planing the same thing for Iran....." But they must know that Iran is not Iraq." Taliban and the Al-Qadeh have been ruling in Afghanistan and Pakistan. There has been no security in Iraq, or in Afghanistan.

Date: 10.10.2009. Time: 22.00


Almost one in four people in the world follow Islam. The world's two Billion Muslims are scattered across 232 countries and territories- but many concentrations lie far from the Middle East. Britain has two million Muslims. US has three million Muslims, Europe has 40 million Muslims...

Islam is the world's second biggest religion, coming behind Christianity 's 2.2 billion followers. 400 million Muslims  live in countries where Islam is not the majority religion.



The Nobel Prize (Swedish: Nobelpriset) is a Sweden-based international monetary prize, established by the 1895 will and estate of Swedish chemist and inventor Alfred Nobel. It was first awarded in Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, Literature, and Peace in 1901. An associated prize, The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel, was instituted by Sweden's central bank in 1968 and first awarded in 1969.[1] The Nobel Prizes in the specific disciplines (Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, and Literature) and the Prize in Economics, which is commonly identified with them, are widely regarded as the most prestigious award one can receive in those fields. The Nobel Peace Prize conveys social prestige and is often politically controversial.

Herta Müller appeared overwhelmed as she was escorted Thursday into the headquarters of the Trade Assn. of German Publishing in central Berlin, her first public appearance after winning the 2009 Nobel Prize in Literature. Müller, 56, took a few seconds to compose herself before a crowd of journalists, then said, "I didn't expect it. . . . I still can't speak about it, it's still too early and I think I need some time to order it in my mind."
"It's the topic of all my books," said Müller, who immigrated to Germany in 1987. "I believe that literature always goes precisely there where the damage to a person has been done. . . . I didn't choose this topic, it was thrust upon me."



Mr. Barack Hossien Oboma received Nobel peace prize. He is the third serving US president to win the Nobel. He has not done anything yet, he has made many promises to do this and that, but has not done anything, this is a first time that the Nobel has been given to someone who has promised to do in future. His citation highlighted his attempts to reach out to the Muslim world and to scrub nuclear proliferation.  



"Oboma has not done anything yet to be awarded the Nobel  peace prize, it is very strange why the Nobel Prize has been given to him." It should have been given to Mrs Monica Lewinsky (Jewish girl) or to Mr. Bill Clinton, because the whole world was at peace when Mr. Clinton was ....using the Cigar...and..."


Monica Samille Lewinsky (born July 23, 1973) is an American woman with whom then-United States President Bill Clinton admitted to having had an "improper relationship" while Lewinsky worked at the White House in 1995 and 1996. The affair and its repercussions, especially the impeachment of Bill Clinton, became known as the Lewinsky scandal.

William Jefferson "Bill" Clinton (born William Jefferson Blythe III, August 19, 1946) is a former President of the United States. He served the full two terms as the 42nd President from 1993 to 2001. He was the third-youngest president; only Theodore Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy were younger when entering office. He became president at the end of the Cold War, and as he was born in the period after World War II, he is known as the first Baby Boomer president. His wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton, is currently the United States Secretary of State. She was previously a United States Senator from New York, and also candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008. Both are graduates of Yale Law School.

Date: 11.10.2009. Time: 22.00


SALAD: "Pleas leave the moon alone, we have already destroyed the earth, by polluting the water, soil, air and foods."

The aim is to crash projectiles at the lunar south pole, kicking up a six-mile high dust cloud that may contain water. British researchers helped Nasa pick the spot for the attempt, which will be broadcast live on the American space agency's website. The Cabeus south polar region was identified by the University of Durham team as a site with high concentrations of hydrogen - a key component of water. It is believed water ice could lie at the bottom of dark craters at the Moon's poles, where temperatures are lower than minus 170C.
The spacecraft consist of a LCROSS (Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite) and its 2.2 tonne empty Centaur launch rocket. They have been attached since blasting off from Cape Canaveral in Florida in June. The probe and rocket will separate, then at 12.31pm the larger rocket will smash into a narrow, shaded crater at 5,600 mph.
The impact will throw 350 tonnes of debris over six miles into the air, making the event watchable from Earth. Following close behind, the LCROSS satellite will fly through the material and four minutes later plunge into the crater itself. LCROSS will trigger its own dust cloud a third of the size of the first one. As the debris is propelled into sunlight, scientists on Earth will study its composition with ground-based telescopes.
Dr Vincent Eke, from the Institute for Computational Cosmology at the University of Durham, said: "Water ice could be stable for billions of years on the Moon provided that it is cold enough.
"If ice is present in the permanently shaded lunar craters of the Moon then it could potentially provide a water source for the eventual establishment of a manned base on the Moon. Such a base could be used as a platform for exploration into the further reaches of our Solar System."


"Please leave the moon clean. We have already destroyed the earth by polluting the soil, water, air, food and we should not destroyed the moon."

Date: 12.10.2009. Time: 22.00

Newspaper is free in London

From Monday London Evening Standard will become the first leading quality newspaper in the world to go free. Pick up your copy from supermarket, News Agents.

Date: 13.10.2009. Time: 22.00

There have been problems with the family who have  immigrated to Britain  with their young children that have been waiting for several years  for their Application to be processed by the Home Office but no decision has been made on their application yet. Home Office has been very slow and the Home Secretary has made wise decision to allow all the people to stay.
Ministers let 40,000 migrants stay in Britain. "If we bend the rules to give people the right to stay, it gives the wrong message around the world about our immigration system"

In Britain the Local MPs have been using resources. I am sorry I meant   abusing  public funds and there has been lot of problem by the media since May 2009.  Some of them has refunded all the money which was wrongly  claimed., some refused to do so therefore Prime Minister Brown sack them. It is disgrace that MPs are getting a good salary with access to so many other financial resources yet again they take advantage of their position and abuse the system. Some of the MP are living within a five kilometer of the Parliament yet they have claimed money for the second rented flat.       

Date: 14.10.2009. Time: 22.00

The Queen astonished a London theater audience by slipping in to see a performance unannounced, she watched  a performance of War Horse, minus an entourage. She wore a simple dark green dress and no bodyguards close to her. At the interval they disappeared and reappeared very discreetly. When they left at the end, they were given a round of applause, which the Queen acknowledged with a wave.


"The Queen has been living like an ordinary people. The third world countries dictators and the leaders should learn from the Queen, get close to a normal life.." 

Date: 15.10.2009. Time: 22.00

We should be like bees not like ...because bees always sit on flowers...




Honey is a medicine. We should know when, how much, and how to have it. It is the secret of life. We should all learn from the bees. They usually sit in a best place and consume the best food from the nature. Honey bees (or honeybees) are a subset of bees, primarily distinguished by the production and storage of honey and the construction of perennial, colonial nests out of wax. Honey bees are the only extant members of the tribe Apini, all in the genus Apis. Currently, there are only seven recognized species of honey bee with a total of 44 subspecies though historically, anywhere from six to eleven species have been recognized. Honey bees represent only a small fraction of the approximately 20,000 known species of bees. Some other types of related bees produce and store honey, but only members of the genus Apis are true honey bees.
Two species of honey bee, A. mellifera and A. cerana, are often maintained, fed, and transported by beekeepers. Modern hives also enable beekeepers to transport bees, moving from field to field as the crop needs pollinating and allowing the beekeeper to charge for the pollination services they provide, revising the historical role of the self-employed beekeeper, and favoring large-scale commercial operations.

Date: 16.10.2009. Time: 22.00

Congested Charge and big rise in public transports.

BORIS JONHSON has imposed a huge rises in the bus and Tube fares and 25 per cent increase to congestion charge. Well done, because he earns a big money and he also rides a bicycle.

Date: 17.10.2009. Time: 22.00 

A student at the Cabradge University killed himself because he did not gain the marks he wanted to get. His mother asked him to get the best....
Date: 18.10.2009.. Time: 22.00 
More killing in Pakistan, Iran, Afghanestan and Iraq. What is going on. Who is responsible for all these killing ..

Date: 19.10.2009. Time: 22.00

The U.K‘s Post office has gone on struck and there has been chaos handling mails. There has been Council‘s staff, and … on struck. Unemployment has been a big problem. The Post Office needs to modernize her system...

Date:20.10.2009.  Time:22.00

U.K recession is getting bad and the Mayor putting prices of the public teransport up. It is not helpful.

Date: 21.10.2009. Time: 22.00

The subject of raice and racisim is getting hot in London. BBC is allowing BNP to express their idealogy infront of the millions viewers...

Date: 22.10.2009. Time: 22.30

BNP Mr. Grirffin said that Salad must be deprted from Brain.

Date: 23.10.2009. Time: 22.00

Mr. Brown warned the Europe about the ozone problem and rain forest.

Date: 24.10.2009. Time: 22.00

More BA, Tube and potsal strick in December. 


 Date: 25.10.2009. Time: 22.00

House prices in London improving

Date: 26.10.2009. Time: 22.00

No news is a good news.

Date: 27.10.2009. Time: 22.00

A few Newspapers went bankcrupt in many jobs lost.

Date: 28.10.2009. Time: 22.00

The Taliban has been killing innocent people in Afghanistan. No action has been taken by the UN.

Date: 29.10.2009. Time: 22.00

Britain's tax havens will be read the last rites today when a Treasury commissioned report will tell them to raise new taxes if they are to survive the economic crisis.

Date: 30.10.2009. Time: 22.00

Clean drinking water has been a big problem for the whole world. At the moment the Israeli deny Palestinian to have access to clean water. God help us all. Man with his own hand destroying the planet earth.

1) My Brother Mr. Hossein OBOMA have you released all the innocent captives from the GUANTANAMO BAY since you have come to power??.

2) UNITED NATION- Please let the public know whether all the innocent captives have been released. 

3) Amnesty International Have you done anything to help the innocent captives??

4) God please help the captives you the best, because all these big powers are not caring for the humanity....

MYTH can be halfway around the world before truth can get its boots on.....

Date: 31.10.2009. Time: 22.00

POSTAL STRIKE- It is getting out of control. Some firm suffering so much because they rely on the Royal Mail's services.