Best water is snow water. This is mount Damavand in Tehran


What is a clean water:

Water is unique in that it is the only natural substance that is found in all three states:

  1. Liquid.
  2. Solid (Ice).
  3. Gas (Steam)

At temperatures normally found on Earth. Water freezes at 32 degree Fahrenheit (F) and boils at 212 degree F. In fact water 's freezing and boiling points are the baseline with which temperature is measured: 0 degree on the Celsius scale is water's freezing point, and 100 degree is water boiling point.

  • Water has a high specific heat index. this means that water can absorb a lot of heat before it begins to get hot. It is why water is valuable to industries and in our car's radiator as a coolant. The high specific heat index of water also helps regulate the rate at which air changes temperature, which is why the temperature change between seasons is gradual rather than sudden, especially near the oceans.
  • Water is very high surface tension. In other words, water is sticky and elastic, and tends to clump together in drops rather than spread out in a thin film. This allows water to move through the roots of plants and though the tiny blood vessels in our bodie

  • Clean water is a water that has minimum chemical in it.
  • Treat yourself by buying a filer or installing purifier into your tap to get a clean drinking water.
  • In near future the price for a liter of water will get very expensive. Because there will be shortage of water.

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