Date: 20.07.2009, time: 20.30

RAW EATING                

Why we need to eat raw fruits and vegetables? Fire is killing therefore when one is cooking meats it will kill  all the bacterias and ... which are not good for our health. But we must eat vegetables and fruits nuts raw because it taste good and our body enjoys all kind of nutrition such as protein, carbohydrate, water, oils, minerals and vitamins.

1) Raw fruits and vegetables are taste better.

2) Raw has more flavor and vitamin.

3) Raw is easier to digest.

4)Raw one needs less efforts for preparation in the kitchen

5) Eating raw saves you from many chronic diseases.

6) Raw fruits and vegetables makes you very strong against any diseases.

7) Eating raw fruits and vegetables give you no suffer of heartburn, gas, indigestion or constipation.

8) People who are doing processed food close their factory and go back to do farming.

9) Eating raw fruits and vegetables saves you lots of money not to pay for doctors and drugs. 

Did you know that constipation is the cause of mostly all diseases?

It is right to believe that nature is always best.

People have been confused by the scientists. Every day different statement comes from scientists. One day they state that only organic food is good for us. Other day they state that organic and non-organic are the same, the myth about organic food being better for us has been exploded. For the last fifty years  scientists have not provide any evidence to prove that  organic food is beneficial to health based on the nutrient content. Therefore if we stay close to nature and do everything in moderation and  exercise  then we will be safe and have a quality healthy life.


I think that the world is approaching an environmental crisis that will be triggered by food and water shortage, raising populations and climate change caused by our industrial activities "A perfect storm" things will start getting really worrying and no one cares. There would be:

  1. A big population.
  2. Water shortage.
  3. Food shortage.
  4. Air pollution.
  5. Soil pollution

Date:30.07.2009, time: 20.20


This is a type of sugar found naturally in most plants. It providing  health benefits like lowering TRIGLYCERIDE and cholesterol levels, stabilizing blood sugar, improving mineral absorption and insulin response. FOS are ideal prebiotics (good bacteria that live in our intestines need food in order to increase too.  Food for FOS is called PREBIOTICS which are carbohydrate fibers from foods that stimulate the growth of the Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus strains of Probiotics and since those are the two primary probiotics in our stomach, it is important to keep them fed properly. Prebiotics occur naturally in many foods including certain vegetables, fruits, whole grains and legumes. Because people eat lots of sugars, and eat bad fats, processed foods and acid forming  combination  of foods. Those kinds of bad foods feed the BAD bacteria in our guts. So the good bacteria starving and they die, the bad one grow and make so much problems for us.    When we have a balanced diet which is combination of fruits and vegetables then we are feeding the good bacterias therefore they grow, you feel better and many problems disappear.  

Avicenna (Ibn Sina) said:   "Your food is your medicine and your medicine is your food."

If one take care of what one eats, then one quality's life will be a healthy one. One should be very careful about junk foods, unclean water, polluted air.

05.08.2009, Time: 20.25- It has been ten years I have lost my father. May the Almighty Lord Bless his soul. He told all his children to work hard and enjoy the life which is too short.

Personal issues: It is about my family. I want to say that our mother has brought up eight children with difficulties      because in the old days in Tehran there was no water, no power supply, no road, no school, no hospitals, basically it was a very deprived small village in 1951. We had had a hard time. Birth control was not the issue  on those days at all, and poor family got bigger and bigger every day without the parents thinking about the issue of the bringing  the children up, the costs  of  the feeding  the children,  as well as not thinking about the educating of their children and many other  problems which I do not know how to mention them. Our mother did not have any equipments and tools which today all mothers possessed in the world and despite all the difficulties our mother did her best to bringing up all her children healthy, happy, and successful in life. All her children now have been looking after their rmother in a best way, our mother is very happy the way her children have been treating her.

                              This is my father Almighty God Bless him                    


My father was a Tialor by profession, and was a hard worker during the Reza Shah rule  in Tehran .I was 10 years old and I used to help him in his shop which was in  the  center of Tehran near the Bazzar.  My father was born 1912 and died in 1999  (87) and was buried in Tehran. He had a healthy life  style and died peacefully at home. He has eight children, four girls, four boys, I am the fifth one, the third boy. After me another two girl and a boy  who is spoiled boy.  My mother is 87 years old and thank God, that my  mother is very healthy and lives in Tehran  suburb(Karaj) which has better air quality and is not as crowded as Tehran.  Many people from other part of the country migrated to Tehran which has made it impossible  to live in a harmony atmosphere The air pollution, water pollution,  employment  problems and so many  other problems which has made the life of our little village Tehran very  miserable It is in some way like London.                            


Date:8.8.2009 time: 22.00

If one does a few simple things each day one stays healthier. These are:

  1. Say thank you, to the bus driver, supermarket cashier, and people who provide you services. You feel better when you are expressing your appreciation.
  2. Smile to the people even you do not know them. It does not cost you anything. You feel better and your blood pressure will be normal, your face stay young.
  3. Give tips to the taxi driver, waiter. You feel good. When you give you take ten times later on.
  4. Think of what you have, healthy eyes, healthy body etc... Do not think what you have not got. You feel appreciation and being grateful to The Almighty Lord.
  5. Give away whatever things which you do not use, to other people who needs help or even to the charity shops. You get a lot of energy and you get back new things in your place. Also your place will be tidy and full of positive energy.
  6. Say hello to everyone. It does not cost you any thing. But you feel good. If you feel good you will be healthy.

Date: 09.08.2009 Time: 20.00
Mr. Mahmod. Namenni - is a writer, editor, and publisher who has published more than 100 books.  In one of his books:  "Please do not be a sheep". stated human being in an average live 60 years. He has questioned his readers how much of these periods is spent in reading a book? He stated: " we may live for 60 years and during theses years we roughly do the followings:
  1. We work 10 hours per day           =      25 years;  we work throughout our lives
  2. We sleep 10 hours per day          =      20 years; we sleep throughout our lives
  3. We eat 3 hours per day                 =       3   years; We eat foods throughout
  4. We go the toilet 1 hour per day   =       2   years; we produce 66700 kg of wastage and 43800 liters of urine, which is at the moment a cause for concern by the scientists. 
  5. The remainder will be:  60 - 50 = 10 In this ten years how much is  spent reading a book and thinking about our goal and objective in this life.                            "What do you think???

Date: 10.08.2009

Summer is the best time to get back to shape. To be able to do this :

  • Eat balance foods specially raw fruits and vegetables.
  • Exercise every day by walking 2 kilometers per day when you are returning from work.
  • Drink 2 liters water.
  • Eat watermelon every other day.
  • Drink fresh fruits juice in the early morning.
  •  Eat fresh strawberries and other similar berries.
  • Eat less meats.
  • Do not drink any non-natural beverages such as coke, Pepsi etc.

11.08.2009. Time: 22.00

Report stated that fruits and vegetables are also is good for skin and shiny  hair.

Date: 12.08.2009

There is report that drinking Alcohol causes tong and throat cancers. Every year new report come up against drinking Alcohol. One should know that the amount of Alcohol our body needs will be gained by eating fruits and vegetables.

14.08.2009- time: 20.21

BEETROOT- It is good to eat, because it provides you with lots of nutrition which  you need everyday.  According to the recent research in the U.K it makes the reduction in oxygen uptake, which is making exercise less tiring. It has so many benefits, it is from the Lord 's kitchen which are:

  1. It reduces blood sugar
  2. It is an aphrodisiac food.
  3. It make us to lose weight.
  4. It is a health rescuer for all.
  5. It is antioxidants and nutrient including magnesium, sodium, potassium, vitamin C.
  6. It is a very good detoxification material.
  7. It will lower your cholesterol,
  8. It will get ride of cancerous cells.
  9. It is the best food for your skin.
  10. It is high in Iron.
  11. It has vitamin A-B which helps prevent birth defects such as Spina, Bifida in unborn babies while the presence of magnesium may ease muscle tension, stress and anxiety.
  12. It help people with cardiovascular, respiratory or metabolic diseases. Do you know how to eat it? How much to eat? When to eat it? Send me email. There is a praise for the right answer.           



15.08.2009 Time: 

Recycle is good.

How much do we care about the recycle? Recycling is involve processing used materials into new products to prevent waste of potentially useful materials, reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials, reduce energy usage, reduce air pollution ( From incineration) and water pollution (from land filling) by reducing the need for "conventional" waste disposal, and lower green house gas emissions as compared to virgin production. Recycling is a key component of modern waste management and is the third component of the "reduce, reuse, recycle" waste hierarchy. Recyclable materials include many kinds of glass, paper, metal, plastic, textiles, and electronic. Although similar in effect, the composting or other reuse of biodegradable waste - such as food or garden waste - is not typically considered recycling. Materials to be recycled are either brought to a collection center or picked up from the curbside, then sorted, cleaned, and reprocessed into new materials bound for manufacturing. i the strict sense, recycling of a material would produce a fresh supply of the same material, for example used office paper to more office paper, or used foamed polystyrene to more polystyrene, However, this is often difficult or too expensive (Compared with producing the same product from raw materials or other sources), so "recycling" of many products or materials (e.g. cardboard) instead. Another form of recycling is the salvage of certain materials from complex products, either due to their intrinsic value (e.g. lead from car batteries, or gold from computer components), or due to their hazardous nature (e.g. removal and reuse of mercury from various items.)  

Critic dispute net economic and environmental benefits of recycling over its costs, and suggest that proponents of recycling often make matters worse and suffer from confirmation bias. Specially, critics argue that the costs and energy used in collection and transportation detract from (and out weight) the costs and energy saved in the production process; also that the job lost in logging, mining, and other industries associated with virgin production; and that materials such as paper pulp can only be recycled a few times before material degeneration prevents further recycling. proponents of recycling dispute each of these claims, and the validity of arguments from both sides has led to enduring controversy.