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Date:26.7.2009, Time:22.00

Swine Flu: 

  • The pioneer of the swine flu is a clever person whomever is because the Swine Flu is a new business of the recession time. Each Flu jab sold to the Government $9 so the world population needs it, when you are calculating be careful that your calculator gives a correct figure.
  • To safeguard from swine flu stop eating red meat for the time being.
  • Exercise more (one hour each day 4 times a week) to sweat. Your body becomes strong and your immune system becomes very strong therefore the swine flu has no effect.
  • Wash your hands frequently and look after your hygiene you will be safe.
  • Do not attend crowded areas for the time being. 
  • Eat raw fruits and vegetable to make your body strong. Do not eat processed foods.
  • Drink two liters of clean water each day. Three glasses of water when you raise up in the  morning 

Date: 01.08.2009, Time: 22.00


  • Most of the personal and political conflicts are somehow relates to the people's nutrition. Because we are what we eat. 
  • Foods directly effects human beings way of thinking and their behavior.
  • Look at the mood of the people who drink alcohol the next morning when they are tee-total. Usually they are distressed.
  • Indian's leader Mr. Mahatma Gandhi' s nutrition should be compared with Russia's Mr. Joseph Stalin's nutrition. They are two different cup of tea.
  • Each type of food has different effect on our personality. Honey is the best. Sweet fruits and leafy vegetables are very good effect on personality.
  • When our body gets a right nutrition then our thinking is more logical and we act more rational.
  • The majority of the world's leaders are careless about their healthy foods, drinking  clean water, exercise and to have fresh air. Therefore most of the time they make a wrong decision.
    1. Soon there will be a war for water.          

Junk Food is killing you. Do not eat because:
  • In long term it will change your personality.
  • It will change you physically and mentally.
  • Body cannot function properly.
  • Junk food has Mono-sodium Glutamate (MSG) in it which make food very tasty.  MSG is bad for you.
  • It damages your body and causes mental problem.
  • It causes cancer in a long term.
    1. You feel hungry all the time.  


  • Type one is inherited and it is to do with genetic.
  • Type two is man made and it is to do with life style and eating wrong food, wrong amount and your    pancreas will not be able to control sugar. Type two could be cured.
  • Hypoglycemia- it is a lower level of sugar in blood. Under sweet blood.
  • Insulin enables cell to absorb glucose in order to turn into energy. When pancreas is not able to do its job then sugar leaks into urine and diabetes occurs.     
Date:06.08.200, Time: 22.00

Mr. Masoud Kimiaei

The good news is that his 25th films will be screened soon throughout the world. Dr H.R. Afshar is acting as well as being the Chief Project Manager of the film. Dr. Afshar has been working very hard and soon we will  meet him in London. Mr. Poolad son of Mr. Kimiaei is also taking part. The film is:   Mohakemeh Dar Khyaban (Death sentence in street). Mr.Esshagh Khanzadi one of the greatest voice ever has been managing the sound engineer of the film.
                  These are some of the Actors and Actress of the film which are:
        1- Mrs N. Karimi 2-Mrs. N.Forozandeh- 3-Mrs S.Frahani- 4-Mr. A.Amirfazli
        5-Mr. H.Behdad- 6-Dr H.R. Afshar- 7-Mr. P.Kimiaei
8-Mr. S.Normohamadi-
               9-Mr. S.Kalhor- Mr. A.Tabasi- 10- Chief Camerman Mr.T.Mansuri

Date: 10.08.2009, Time: 22.00
POLLUTION -What comes round does round.
The Climate has been changing very rapidly, this have effect on our day to day lives, because of typhoon, cyclone, hurricane, flood, torrential rain, landslides, earthquake, volcano, and many other natural disasters which have interrupted our daily lives also have caused so much physical and financial damages damages. All these changes are as are due to man badly treating the nature, by polluting the earth, air, water, etc.. 

Date:20.08.2009, Time:22.00
Afghanistan voting took place and 50 people were killed by the Taliban. Election campaign was similar to the one in the USA and .... at the end of the election Mr. Abdulla Abdulla  who was a  nominee stated that there was cheating and the Taliban and the USA Government, but...  Saalad can not reveal any evidence what has been going on because medias are dishonest and fraudulent, people make a mountain out of small matters, exaggerate and tell lies therefore one get confused what to believe. 

Brother eating too much is very bad for the health. ( Allahoo La Yooheboo Almoosreefeen)

Date: 20.08.2009, Time: 22.00

Libya was the center point of the media about the PAN AM. An Iranian civilian airline was shoot down by the USA over the Persian gulf and 300 children. elderly passengers were killed and the Army officer were prized and the western media did not focus on the News and never like to mention it. American PAN AM was shoot down by ???? Mr Maghrebi and his friend were alleged to had carried out the atrocity and perpetrated 280 passengers over Lockbirds (Scotlan) village and killed a few on the ground. I personally think  it was act of the Almighty. Because the court never provided any evidence and never explained what went wrong. The court must provide a very clear evidence to keep people in prison. One can not randomly arrest anyone and alleged with various allocation because of political differences. One should ask the court several questions. Such as what happened to the black box,  what happened to the expert reports, why Libya? and many other related questions .  There is an English saying: "What comes round goes round." The politician do whatever they want and people have to pay the price. Another point have to be mentioned is that double standard in everything is very  awful and ruthless. . The western medias are responsible and are to be blamed for all the crimes which have been carried out around the world for half century. They misrepresent, and twist all the factual material into their own interests.



Date: 21+22.08.2009; Time: 22.00
Muslims month of Ramadan started. Some people started fasting on 21 and some on 22.08.2009. It is one month of fasting and praying to God the objective is to obey Him and to rebuild a good physical and mental spirit. It starts from sunrise  to sunset which people do not eat or drink.  During this month all the Muslim's communities throughout the U.K. celebrate the festivity and are offering foods and drinks during the evening, after they have their dinners the reading of the Quran and prayers and speeches by the various speakers takes place.


22.08.2009 Time: 22.00
Planet earth is too small.

Two old friends are meeting again

                   Amir Hessam Soleimanzadeh                                             Mohsen Ruholl Amin

Two old friends and their sad fate and destiny

Amir and Mohsen were in the same nursery school in London. Their fathers were students in London Universities and Mohsen 's father completed his studies and return to Iran and Mohsen grow up in Iran.

1) In 1992 Amir underwent a routine tonsil operation in London hospital. Unfortunately at the anaesthesia stage he was given a wrong drug as a result he was severely brain damaged he needed round the clock nursing for the rest of his life and for more than fifteen years his parents tried to sue the hospital but were unsuccessful because their own English Solicitors failed to do the job properly  and there was other reason which can not be mentioned in this article ...therefore Amir's father  studied the Law and sue the hospital. When the hospital authority noticed that Amir was going to win his Claim  against the hospital they killed Amir in front of his father, mother, and his sister. Amir's case has been running at the court and you will be informed of the outcome.   My point is that I am so called  "a bloody foreigner", I am trying to get the justice in London which is my second home and I assure you that Amir will win his case. See his film (In China and some of the third world country will not be able to see 12 films) related one is called Hessam in Paradise and medical negligence)

2) Mohsen after his father completed his studies return to Iran. He knew what happened to Amir and was sad about the story. Mohsen was a university student in Iran. During the unrest in Iran in May-June 2009 Mohsen was arrested by the police and was sent to jail but a few days later his  dead body was released to his parent. His parent in their own home being a senor citizen and well known to the Iranian authorities up to now (two months) have not been informed who, when, why, how, for what, where has killed their loved one.  What happened to the LAW and Order in an Islamic country? What happened to the justice system in an Islamic system? We are not judge and do not have enough information to be able to say anything, but we know something is wrong with the system. Who is responsible and accountable when things like this happens?

3) What do you think?

4) Saalad not judging because we do not get accurate information from both parts of the depute . But  personally Saalad thinks that it is a very sad story, but the good part of  this tragic is that Amir and Mohsen are both in paradise now and enjoying the everlasting lives. They are using the Almighty kitchen and they are God's best guests
and one would thinks that their parents for their patience and endurance and tolerance will be (God willing) in paradise, because God loves people who are patient. May God Blesses all of us to be a bit tolerant towards each other.

24.08.2009. Time: 22.00
Cars are eating spaghetti to give us a ride.


In the U.K all the farmers have been using lands to grow various vegetables to produce fuel for the vehicles. All these lands  once up on a time were used to grow our feeding stuffs, such as potatoes, cauliflowers, tomatoes, cabbages, Onions, cucumbers wheat grain, oat etc.. Therefore in a few years time cars eat spaghetti or a Doner kebab as a fuel to be able to give us a ride. So all the take away Chinese in the China town will serve only cars. What the next generation will eat as a food God knows. Probably some fast food shop selling Pad-Donald selling some kind of tables as a fuel for human body. Saalad reveals that Cars will take over in all areas. Land for making , selling, renting cars. Land for parking, land for growing car's food, land for repairs and services, and selling fuel, land for scrape yard, land for car recycling etc.. So it is simple fact that no one could deny.        

Bio-Fuel- I am talking about the Bio-fuel such as sugar, starch, vegetable oil, or animal fats using conventional technology to produce petrol for various vehicles. At the present time 10% of our vehicle's fuel comes from the vegetables. the basic feed stocks for the production of first generation bio-fuels are often seeds or grains such as wheat, which yields starch that is fermented into bio-ethanol, or sunflower seeds, which are pressed to yield vegetable oil that can be used in bio-diesel.  Theses feed-stocks could instead enter the animal or human food chain, and as the global population has risen their use in producing bio-fuel has been criticized for diverting food away from human food chain, leading to food shortages and price rise.
Bio-fuel is defined as solid, liquid or gaseous fuel obtained from relatively recently lifeless or living biological material and is different from fossil fuels, which are derived from long dead biological material. Also, various plants and plant-derived materials are used for bio-fuel manufacturing. Globally, bio-fuel are most commonly used to power vehicle, heat homes, and for cooking.Bio-fuel industries are expanding in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Recent technology developed at Los Alamos National Lab even allows for the conversion of pollution into renewable bio fuel. Agro-fuel are bio fuel which are produced from specific crope, rather than from waste processes such as land-fill. There are two types 1) Liquid 2) Gaseous Agro-fuel. One is to grow crops high in sugar (sugar cane, sugar beet, and sweet sorghum or starch (corn-maize), and then use yeast fermentation to produce ethyl alcohol (ethanol) . The second is to grow plants that contain high amount of vegetable oil, such as oil palm, soybean, algae, jatropha, or pongamia pinnata. When these oils are heated, their viscosity is reduced, and they can be burned directly in a diesel engine, or they can be chemically processed to produce fuel such as bio-diesel.  Wood and its by-products can also be concerted into bio-fuels such as wood gas, methanol or ethanol fuel. It is also possible to make cellulosic ethanol from non-edible plant parts, but this can be difficult to accomplish economically.

Recently it was discovered that living plants also produce methane. The amount is 10 to 100 times greater than that produced by dead plants in an aerobic environment but does not increase global warming because of the carbon cycle.

First Generation Bio-fuel - Are made from sugar, starch, vegetable oil, or animal fats using conventional technology. The basic feed stocks for the production of first generation bio-fuels are often seeds or grains such as wheat, which yields starch that is fermented into bio-ethanol, or sunflower seeds, which are pressed to yield vegetable oil that can be used in bio-diesel. These feed-stocks could instead entre the animal or human food chain, and as the global population has risen their use in producing bio-fuels has been criticized for diverting food away from the human food chain, leading to food shortages and price rises.

Date: 25.08.2009, Time: 22.00 GMT

                                                       Football & Hooligans


Football- is the word given to a number of similar team sports, all of which involve kicking a ball with the foot in an attempt to score a goal. The most popular of these sports worldwide is association football, more commonly known as just "football" or "soccer". It is the people game and there are so many advantages socially, economical, medical, psychological which saalad likes to elaborate on each point.

SOCIAL- News papers head lines "all hell broke loose" Yesterday Millwall and West Ham supporters clashed in scenes described as a "disgrace to football". This business is similar throughout the world. Football fans become trouble makers as their team losses or wins. They stab each other, burn cars and vandalize shops and houses around the stadium. Thugs kicking each other and damage other people's properties and terrorize ordinary people. The game suppose to bring people together and ...



Date: 27.08.2009- Time: 22.00

M. H. Zahedi is returning to school after a long holiday. He loves saalad soup and he enjoys saalad with his food. He does not like fizzy drinks. He loves Quvara water and he is a sport man and he supports MO-MO football team in London. Mo-Mo also won a match against the Arsenal. We look forward to see him in London. In the picture he and his brothers M.Reza & M.Mehdi are having a day out with Saalad.

Date:28.08.09. Time: 22.00
He was and is the greatest

Mohammad Ali is in London to raise fund for his Charity.

                                           Mohammad Ali and Henry Copper

                  Mohammad and David Beckham are fighting in London

Mohammad Ali- was born 17 January 1942 in Louisville, Kentucky, U.S. he is retired American boxer and three time World Heavyweight Champion, who is widely considered to be one of the best heavyweight boxing champions ever. As an amateur, he won a gold medal in the light heavyweight division at the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome. As a professional, he became the first person to win the lineal heavyweight championship three times. Ali in 1999 was crowned "Sportsman of the Century".

Ali become Muslim in 1964. In 1967 Ali refused to be inducted into the U.S. military based on his religious beliefs and opposition to the war in Vietnam. He was arrested  and found guilty on draft evasion charges, stripped of his boxing title, and his boxing license was suspended. He was not imprisoned but did not fight again for nearly four years while his appeal worked its way up to the U.S. Supreme Court. Ali was well known for his fighting style, which he described as "float like a butterfly, sting like a bee". Ali had 56 wins (37 Knockouts and 19 decision)

Date:29.08.2009, Time:22.00GMT
Michael Jackson homicide

                          Michael Jackson                                                        Dr Murray

Michael Jackson- was murdered by his own doctor providing him lots of drugs to keep him happy. An artist should first learn about his body and its needs, such as what to eat and what to drink so that s/he could be a role model for his or her fans. Saalad argument is that famous artists, sport personal, rulers .... should learn what to eat and what to drink to keep them healthy. Michael was having so much junk foods that was the cause of all the problems.

30.+ 31. 08.2009, Time:  22.00


Every year people in U.K during 30, 31 of August celebrate and wear different customs and on Saturday, Sunday is competition and on Monday Bank holiday adults parade on Streets in west London till 23.00

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