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Whatever we eat somehow effects us. We are what we eat.
Our food is our medicine and our medicine is our food.

All the possible abilities of the human mind are potentially to be found in the spinal cord, the nervous  system and the glandular system. These glands produce various hormones, which, on entering the blood stream, activate the various mental propensities. When these propensities are repeatedly activated they become part of our personality.
So if we eat a particular type of animal food, then we tend towards the personality of that animal. By observing our behavior we can notice in what ways the food we have eaten has stimulated our particular personality. Pig is a good example they eat and eat and eat, which has scientific evidence why they eat too much, which we do not go into details. Some people behave in this way and scientists have discovered that they are great pork lovers.  Goats are very interesting animals, who love to bang their heads together. There are many human beings who like doing the same thing, and develop this tendency by eating goats meat. The big fish tends to eat the small one. In this era of the materialistic, there are difficulties in world socioeconomic conditions precisely because the big fish wants to eat in conclusion, our human personalities depend to small one. Most extent on the food we eat. However we are not just organic beings- we also have a mind and a soul, whatever we eat it effects us somehow. We have fifty glands in our body. When we eat foods, each type of food has effect on us. Such as greed, hunger, thirst, desire to help other people, compassion, dogmatic thinking and cruelty and....


Food and it effect on our personality
  • Most of the personal conflicts and bad or good feelings are to do with what we eat. We are what we eat.
  • Look at the mood or temper of the people who are Alcoholic next morning when they are tee-total. They are usually distressed.
  • Look at two people who were leaders such as Mr. Mahatma Gandih and Mr. Joseph Stalin's nutrition.
  • Each type of food we have will have different effect on our personality. For example honey, leafy vegetables and sweet fruits are very good effect on our personality.
  • When body gets right nutrition then the thinking is more logical and our acts are rational.
  • The majority of the world's leader are careless about their healthy diet. They do not have right food, and clean water, also they do not exercise in a open air environment. Therefore, they do not make a right decisions.

Do you believe that eating food and mind linked?

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