It is very bad to have any processed food. Because body has to suffer a lot to digest the processed food. Processed foods are not the healthy choice for various reasons. They contain many unnatural chemicals many of which can have adverse health consequences.Do the followings:

  • Eat less processed foods. Chips, cakes, fast foods..
  • Eat more fruits and vegetable
  • Enjoy cooking fresh food for yourself.
  • Read labels of anything you want to eat.
  • Look out for genetically modified foods.

Be very careful what we feed our body. This is the size we should eat two or three times a day.

Processed food in a long term damages our body. we need to eat natural food. The followings are a sample of item we should eat each day.

          Junk Food is bad and it is the cause of so many diseases


The followings are Junk

1) Lollies, chips, and fast food are called junk food, because they have too much fat, sugar, salt and processed materials and lots of chemical and preservatives in them which are bad for our body.

2) Hot dog, hamburgers, pizza, fried chicken have too much saturated fat and chemical preservatives in which is very bad for the health.

3) If you are once or twice per month having junk food do not worry it is OK but if you are having junk food every day than you should take care of your weight.


This is junk food. It is 90% fat

Please give me good food to digest so that provide you with a good result and feed the cells with nutrition to keep them alive to allow the body to function properly.

Do you eat outside?

What do you eat?

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